Unruly OG from Blem Vibe / Cali Lotus

Unruly OG from Blem Vibe / Cali Lotus via Show Grow Long Beach on 2/21/2021 (shout out to @dude_doing_things for making it happen!). THC tested out to 32.099%. I was lucky to get this at an awesome discount thanks to Dude Doing Things as it goes for $70 pretax at Show Grow. Even at Catalyst this will run you a pretty penny at something like $76 out the door. After a recent subpar experience with some rec market Billy Kimber, a lot of followers told me part of the reason for the poor showing was Cali Lotus was no longer growing it and that I needed to do myself a favor and try some Unruly OG from Blem, so I was stoked when my boy @dude_doing_things came through with a batch. The surface of these bulbous billowing buds are mostly a mix of sage, olive and lime greens with plentiful pops of tangerine and cider orange pistils, and a delicate frosting of clear and egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet floral with fuel and a touch of lemon accompanied by some musty spice lingering in the background. Busting open a nug, that sweet floral fuel combo gets even louder, and brightens up a bit with the introduction of a minor fresh element. Breaking it down my hand, my fingers are sticky and smell of sweet floral piney fuel, where the grinds themselves are more of a pearl-sugar sweet floral with an astringent lemon twist and a strong vaporous undertone.

The dry pull on the joint is a gassy sweetness with a hint of freshness and distant lemon candy lilt. The inhale is smooth on the joint initially and has a light lemon floral sweetness, whereas the bong comes with a less tightly defined muted sweet floral experience. The exhale on the joint is a gassy semi perfume like floral with distant sweet lemon, whereas the bong had more of a sweet cream quality with a piney perfume floral backing. It should be noted the joint did start to get slightly harsh about three quarters of the way through, but it wasn’t a show stopper by any means. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a minor cooling sensation on the way in and a very piney exhale with a lingering floral pine aftertaste, whereas at 185c that strong pine remains, making itself known even on the inhale, while leaving a heavy pinesol aftertaste in your mouth for what seems like minutes afterward.

The preliminary headchange comes on quick but is deceptive as it made me feel as if it didn’t pack much of a punch. I was gullible enough to smoke a second bowl and only a good 10 minutes after that did the true effects of this batch of Unruly begin to set in. Unnoticeable at first, I found myself thinking about getting up from the kitchen table to do some work at the computer, and then not moving. I thought about it again, yet I remained sat at the kitchen table, taking in the ever widening disconnect between my will and the reality of the situation at hand. I was in the clutches of a classic case of couchlock. Moments earlier I was surprised at how cognizant and lively I felt and now I started to feel all of that energy drain away. Mustering all possible remaining resolve, I managed to stand up and walk a few feet to the couch, sit down and settle into an awkward yet surprisingly comfortable forty five degree side lean. I foolishly attempted to focus on what was on TV as my eyelids slowly started to collapse and I faded from consciousness. 1:45pm – Total knockout. At some point I managed to make my way to my bed and continued to sleep there for a few hours. I woke up in a stupor, unsure of how long I’d been napping but I quickly took comfort in the fact it was still light outside. That sort of feeling is very reminiscent of how the old black bag Billy Kimber used to hit me so I can see why this came so highly recommended.

Unruly is a solid, well grown OG, with a hardcore creeper to sleeper slap that is rarity in rec market offerings these days. It’s a hard hitting flower that I will not be wake and baking on again any time soon, but I will save what I have left for those nights where I find myself tossing and turning with no reprieve, as it’s the absolute perfect remedy for those situations. That said, while I really enjoyed my time with this batch, I don’t see myself picking it up again any time soon as the ticket is fairly high and there’s a lot of other top tier flower out there I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet. However, if I found myself battling a weeks long bout of insomnia this would be the first strain I’d try to find to help end it. Solid job all around Cali Lotus, it’s evident in this batch alone that you’re capable of putting out high caliber herb, as this batch of Unruly definitely met the lofty expectations I had for it. Great work!