ACMB By Surefire Selections

Animal cookies x Milkbone

After trying the Zkittlez by Surefire selections I was eager to try more lucky for me @ftt had a few flavors including this ACMB. So this bag came as a 3.5g nug plus a .3 popcorn nug for a generous serving. The flower was dense and colorful reminded me of a splatter painting the way the purples, greens and speckled throughout a thick layer of trichomes with little strips of pistils the lined up like boundary lines on a map in a dark orange rust color. The structure of this bud was perfect and very easy to break apart and work with.

When smelling you get this doughy creamy smell with pine and musky undertones that really reminded me of some cereal milk that you just finished eating medicated cereal out of. When smoking the first thing I noticed was those old school cookie terps all doughy and gassy then finished of with funky creamy taste with a hint of maybe some chem genetics. The high was awesome definitely smacked me in the face and had me feeling goofy and silly and was a really enjoyable fun high that I was able to stay awake for. Loving Surefire selections right now and this strain was no different.

Sidewalk Sunday by Turtle Pie Co.

Had never heard of this company or strain but it sounded tasty so l made sure to get some. This was all small buds but they were caked in so much resin that it gave all the greens and purples this silver sheen that really is appealing to the eye. A lot of the buds look like purple tightly wrapped tulips. The little buds made it a pain to destem and I’m sure I impatiently smoked some stems at certain points.

The smell was amazing on this one very sweet and mixture of chocolate and milk terps but not chocolate milk terps. 🤷‍♂️ Some pungent skunk and musty terps with berries too. When you smoke you are met first with a sweet fruity terps but quickly bitters up and becomes very un enjoyable smoke that gagged me most times. I’m not sure what went wrong here but was unpleasant smoke. The high was nice and relaxing and aloud me to chill and relax after work. In talking to friends I heard turtle pie co had some good smoke so I’ll probably try again but this at the least was definitely a bad batch.

Citrus Sunrise By Wca

This was actually my first scoop of Wca in some time so it was my first with the new packaging the homey @percyterps insisted that I pick it up because he knows my taste. The appearance was consistent with what everything I’ve been seeing. Cold cure in a almost white color looking really wet and really clean.

The smell is definitely citrus mostly oranges but some tangy lime and grapefruit smells too. The taste when dabbing is oranges and citrus in such a balanced perfect way without that harsh feeling on your throat some strong orange terps leave. This was seriously my favorite citrus dab since pink lemonade by Ladybug. The high was great too being energetic slightly spacey and uplifting in a very fun way. I definitely see this as good smoke for getting shit done around the house. This one made me buy more from Wca almost immediately. If you like orange/citrus I highly recommend this one.

Forty One from Panacea Farm

Forty One from Panacea Farm via OC3 Dispensary on 10/29/2020 (Huge shoutout to awesome folks and Panacea and OC3 for making it happen). THC tested out to 26.35%. This was gifted to me but it goes for around 55$ plus tax at OC3, and if you buy a full ounce you get 25% off, so that basically makes up for the tax aspect if you go hard. I know some followers out there are sick and tired of how prevalent Gelato is in the current rec marketplace, but at this point with it being essentially a modern classic, I look at it as a benchmark strain that can be used as one facet of determining the ability of a grower. As I said in the first impressions video on this batch, Gelato is a bit like fried rice in the sense that every Chinese restaurant may have one one the menu, but the enjoyment of the dish can vary wildly from place to place and depends greatly on the quality ingredients and the skill of the chef. That said, this is a fine specimen in regards to the strain. The surface of these two chunky buds is a patch work of fern, forest, and jade greens that seamlessly transition to shades of indigo and midnight blue coupled with ample bursts of twine orange pistils, all of which is washed over in a considerable amount of spiky goldenrod triches.

The nose out of the jar is “classic” gelato, that rich grungy sickly sweet fruit scent that I always refer to as “that foreign fruit market smell”, and a bit of vague mint far in the distance. Busting open a bud, the fruity scent brightens up a bit and loses it’s grungy quality, while that mint amplifies and gets sharper in tone, and when taken in all together comes with some Sweet Tart or Mentos like vibes. Breaking it down by hand I get a sweet mint with a touch of fruit on the fingers, while the grinds themselves have a rich fruity sweetness that struck me as some sort of grenadine made with real pomegranate and cane sugar, a very pleasant natural sweetness as opposed to an artificial cloying one. The dry pull on the joint is a very light fruity sweet with a touch of that grunge and a vague freshness which was surprising given the strength of the terps off the grinds. The inhale is smooth, and on the bong I get a light sweet minty floral, whereas on the joint it’s a muted fruity sweetness with a touch of chalkiness. The exhale is a light sweet floral with mint and a hint of cream on the bong, whereas the joint is essentially the same, but the mint comes in slightly sharper as the cream drops off all together. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get heavy pine with mint and a semi hoppy beer aftertaste, where at 185c I get heavy pine floral with a lingering mint pine aftertaste. The initial headchange comes on quick but takes a minute to ramp up and is fairly mild in nature. Mentally it’s very functional, I am able to focus as needed and am very present, not that I’d want to take a math test in the wake of smoking it, but if that were the scenario I think I’d do just as well as I would sober. Physically it puts some weight on my body, but again it’s not so overwhelming that it makes me want to take a seat, I feel like I could maintain a slow pace on a chill bike ride with ease. It’s a very mellow middle of the road kind of stone and I found myself often ripping back to back bowls in order to get to the level I wanted to be on. That said, it’s a beautiful and well grown example of Gelato #41, but taste and effects wise there wasn’t enough of an impact made on me where I felt like the experience bears repeating. However, if I happen across a fresh batch in a shop at around $50 out the door I’d be compelled to pick it up again and see if it fared any differently, as I did sit on this sample for a few months before being able to examine it thoroughly. Still a solid showing from Panacea on this one, great work!

Gelonade by Connected

This is a very popular strain and I definitely get why. In the looks department she’s quite pretty. With dark almost black purples and some darker hunter green leaves and an orange red for the pistils that looks like rust this flower has some colors that really pop to the eye. This flower felt like it was cured ok and the structure was very easy to work with.

The nose on gelonade is always heavy on the lemon tree and this one was no different with that gassy smell of overripe citrus and definitely a creamy sweetness that really was enjoyable. When smoking the citrus pops the most with a definite creamy finish and that pungent gas that is just there the whole time. On a negative note there was this bitterness after you taste the creaminess that was unpleasant and really out of place thankfully it wasn’t too strong. The high was a nice relaxing one that you feel creep down from your eyes all the way to your feet. I wasn’t a space cadet but also had issues staying focused on anything I was trying to accomplish. Overall I’m pretty sure connected isn’t top shelf weed anymore this strain being the one possible exception as the flavors really do pop and the high is really good but it’s quite a shame what they charge vs the quality you get. I’ll probably be done buying connected for a bit until I see some new flavors or hear their reputation is improving.

Zlushee by Seven Leaves

After trying the Blueberry Zkittlez I was pretty stoked and wanted to try more by Seven Leaves. I saw the Zlushee and it sounded delicious. On an interesting note the bud tender was telling me that this grow focuses more on terpenes and taste than anything else and so the high might not be great. The reason that stood out to me is because I find weed that’s loud and taste good typically gets me the highest and reading about “The Entourage Effect “ it makes sense to me. This flower was interesting looking because most of the nugs were pea green with heavy coating of trichomes and then one nug is purped out with hunter green and purple leaves both had an average amount of pistils but on thee purple bud they definitely popped more. On a side note this came with a boveda pack and those things steal terps so I’m bummed they’re doing this.

When smelling its straight sweet sugar and fruit terps. Some pungent pine and musk in there too was a really great smell. When smoking it smokes a lot like zkittlez but even sweeter and more like candy taste than I’m used too. The high was nice uplifting and slightly energetic but then you start to mellow and really relax and I just sat there in a really good mood. Overall the flavors I’ve tried have all been good strong and smoked clean and will definitely try more. With the boveda packs I’d pay close attention to packaging dates and only grab something within about 3 maybe 4 weeks at most.

Chemist By Connected

When I saw this drop I got pretty excited and grabbed one for me and a buddy. The looks on this one are pretty nice. Definitely some purples and lime peel green going on and so many trichomes that it really changes the color of the flowers to almost a steel blue or grey. All the nugs were pretty small and made it a slightly obnoxious when breaking apart but overall the structure was workable.

The nose of this was doughy and sweet with a little bit of gas. Yeah a little bit of gas that surprised me too along with that wasn’t the common stinking pungent gas of chem d that I’m used to and was looking forward to. When smoking it really smoked like a biscotti with some sweet doughiness to it and some herbal tea and none of the chem d funk that is very prevalent in GMO. I have to say even though the taste wasn’t bad was quite good actually was still a disappointment because they didn’t pop like I expected them too. The high was nice and definitely a sit relax and don’t try to do anything to complicated type high it still wasn’t the slumper I was expecting or have read about. Overall this wasn’t as disappointing as most of the connected smoke over the last couple months it was also nothing special and very forgettable. Ask my buddy who had to keep reminding me that there was 2 strains from connected that weren’t completely trash. 🤦‍♂️😂

M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics

M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics via Catalyst Santa Ana on 02/08/2021. THC tested out to 19.7%. Purchased for about $38 out the door because of the Super Bowl Discount, normally it would be $69 out the door. I have been admiring Royal Key’s M. Con phenos from a far for a long time now, so when Catalyst had their killer Super Bowl sale and I noticed that M. Con #8 was on the menu, I jumped at the chance to get it on a discount. The surface of these semi dense bulbous buds is a mix of fern and tea greens that subtly shift into warm pulses of plum and aubergine, coupled with sporadic pops of royal and tiger orange pistils, all of which is absolutely drenched in a deluge of white and egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a musty spice with underlying floral sweetness and quiet grape. Busting open a bud, the sweetness amps up as the grape sharpens, while tones of mint and pine kick around in the background. Breaking it down by hand my fingertips smell of sweet pine, while the grinds themselves are a light sweet fruit coupled with pine and mint, all which is backended by a floral quality with a perfume edge. The dry pull on the joint is a light sweet floral with a hint of grape lead fruitiness and freshness. The inhale is smooth and on both the joint and the bong and carries that light sweet floral to fruition. The exhale on the joint is mostly a light sweet floral as well but it has a hint of grape and must in the background, whereas on the joint that sweet grape really comes through up top, pushing any semblance of that floral must to the wings. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in while on the exhale I catch heavy pine with a touch of sweet floral, whereas at 185c I still get some cooling on the way in but the exhale is much more floral, and the pine shifts slightly to a pine-sol like finish as opposed to straight pine. The headchange comes on quick but is very mild in nature. Physically, I feel a slight haze across the top of my eyes and a light weight in the shoulders, however it’s nowhere near incapacitating and feels very complementary to chill activities. Mentally I am relaxed and able to focus as needed. While I might be apprehensive about have to make a professional presentation or any other activity where I’m required to be on my A-game because there are real world stakes, in a causal situation, it’s perfect for kicking back and conversing because I’m easily able to stay present and not constantly losing the thread. If you’re looking for a brain busting herb that will send you to outer space this one probably isn’t for you, but I found it to be some quality long lasting any time smoke with an old school feel, and I definitely enjoyed my time with it. That said, for near $70 I’d be hesitant to cop it again just because it didn’t quite stand out enough for me effects wise to bear repeating, but for $38 it was a steal and a half and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Great work Royal Key, from this one batch it’s evident that you put out some quality flower, I’d love to get into more of your library. 

Xeno By Alien Labs

I was very interested in this strain as it seems to be Blue Zushi with a different name. Even though I’ve yet to review it l’m a fan of blue Zushi so my interest was peeked. I’m really disappointed with the pictures I took as it really doesn’t do this flowers justice. With hunter green as the main feature the large amount of trichomes make some of it look like a lighter more muted green similar to green tea extract in color. With rusty orange pistils popping everywhere this is some wonderful looking flower. Structure was great and easy to work with.

When smelling I noticed a sweetness that reminded me of smell of sweet tarts and skittles with some skunky pine and mint. When smoking I really noticed how clean it was smoking and no taste of chemical or bitterness and very sweet candy terps with a cooling sensation in my mouth but doesn’t quite taste minty. The high was energetic and uplifting and a great strain for being creative I noticed myself getting sidetracked and spacing out on ideas quite often. I was recently told that even though they’re owned by the same parent company as connected they have completely different grows and crew. I don’t know this to be true but with differences in quality and smoke I do believe it. I can’t really say that they’re always worth they’re price tag I can tell you they’re doing much better than their sister company.

Tropnana by The Real Cannabis Chris

I was really excited about this one because two of my favorite terp profiles are citrus and banana but I had it vaulted for 420. I was a little confused and thought that this was a Banana Og x with Tropicana Cookies but in actuality it was Tropicana x with Banana Punch. All in all similar terp profiles with citrus and bananas. When looking at this melt I’m always blown away it just looks different than other melts. It gets the nickname beach sand and margarita salt for a reason. Looks super clean and like there’s nothing but beautiful trichomes in there.

I was a little confused and thought that this was a Banana Og x with Tropicana Cookies but in actuality it was Tropicana x with Banana Punch. All in all similar terp profiles with citrus and bananas. When looking at this melt I’m always blown away it just looks different than other melts. It gets the nickname beach sand and margarita salt for a reason. Looks super clean and like there’s nothing but beautiful trichomes in there. Smelling hash is always an interesting experience because I never know that expect. Some hash I feel barely smells like anything but then still has plenty of terps when you dab it. I’m not really sure what the mechanism is behind that but just what I’ve experienced. Tropnana was different you could smell the sharp smell of over ripe oranges and the sweetness and tropical smell of bananas. When dabbing it’s almost a perfect cross of overly ripe citrus and fresh baked banana bread. I was legit blown away by this taste combo it was just the right balance of the right flavors. For my 2nd time ever in weed terps I actually craved the flavors later like food. The high was an uplifting one the really sparked my creative side. Made me go from hanging out watching tv while dabbing to wanting to play music. So instead of sampling through a bunch of hash I made it through 2 flavors and spent the night playing guitar. I love when a strain does that to me. Almost like being stuck in a moment of creating. Nothing shocking here the real cannabis Chris puts out fire. This may have been one of his best yet.