Forty One from Panacea Farm

Forty One from Panacea Farm via OC3 Dispensary on 10/29/2020 (Huge shoutout to awesome folks and Panacea and OC3 for making it happen). THC tested out to 26.35%. This was gifted to me but it goes for around 55$ plus tax at OC3, and if you buy a full ounce you get 25% off, so that basically makes up for the tax aspect if you go hard. I know some followers out there are sick and tired of how prevalent Gelato is in the current rec marketplace, but at this point with it being essentially a modern classic, I look at it as a benchmark strain that can be used as one facet of determining the ability of a grower. As I said in the first impressions video on this batch, Gelato is a bit like fried rice in the sense that every Chinese restaurant may have one one the menu, but the enjoyment of the dish can vary wildly from place to place and depends greatly on the quality ingredients and the skill of the chef. That said, this is a fine specimen in regards to the strain. The surface of these two chunky buds is a patch work of fern, forest, and jade greens that seamlessly transition to shades of indigo and midnight blue coupled with ample bursts of twine orange pistils, all of which is washed over in a considerable amount of spiky goldenrod triches.

The nose out of the jar is “classic” gelato, that rich grungy sickly sweet fruit scent that I always refer to as “that foreign fruit market smell”, and a bit of vague mint far in the distance. Busting open a bud, the fruity scent brightens up a bit and loses it’s grungy quality, while that mint amplifies and gets sharper in tone, and when taken in all together comes with some Sweet Tart or Mentos like vibes. Breaking it down by hand I get a sweet mint with a touch of fruit on the fingers, while the grinds themselves have a rich fruity sweetness that struck me as some sort of grenadine made with real pomegranate and cane sugar, a very pleasant natural sweetness as opposed to an artificial cloying one. The dry pull on the joint is a very light fruity sweet with a touch of that grunge and a vague freshness which was surprising given the strength of the terps off the grinds. The inhale is smooth, and on the bong I get a light sweet minty floral, whereas on the joint it’s a muted fruity sweetness with a touch of chalkiness. The exhale is a light sweet floral with mint and a hint of cream on the bong, whereas the joint is essentially the same, but the mint comes in slightly sharper as the cream drops off all together. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get heavy pine with mint and a semi hoppy beer aftertaste, where at 185c I get heavy pine floral with a lingering mint pine aftertaste. The initial headchange comes on quick but takes a minute to ramp up and is fairly mild in nature. Mentally it’s very functional, I am able to focus as needed and am very present, not that I’d want to take a math test in the wake of smoking it, but if that were the scenario I think I’d do just as well as I would sober. Physically it puts some weight on my body, but again it’s not so overwhelming that it makes me want to take a seat, I feel like I could maintain a slow pace on a chill bike ride with ease. It’s a very mellow middle of the road kind of stone and I found myself often ripping back to back bowls in order to get to the level I wanted to be on. That said, it’s a beautiful and well grown example of Gelato #41, but taste and effects wise there wasn’t enough of an impact made on me where I felt like the experience bears repeating. However, if I happen across a fresh batch in a shop at around $50 out the door I’d be compelled to pick it up again and see if it fared any differently, as I did sit on this sample for a few months before being able to examine it thoroughly. Still a solid showing from Panacea on this one, great work!

M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics

M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics via Catalyst Santa Ana on 02/08/2021. THC tested out to 19.7%. Purchased for about $38 out the door because of the Super Bowl Discount, normally it would be $69 out the door. I have been admiring Royal Key’s M. Con phenos from a far for a long time now, so when Catalyst had their killer Super Bowl sale and I noticed that M. Con #8 was on the menu, I jumped at the chance to get it on a discount. The surface of these semi dense bulbous buds is a mix of fern and tea greens that subtly shift into warm pulses of plum and aubergine, coupled with sporadic pops of royal and tiger orange pistils, all of which is absolutely drenched in a deluge of white and egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a musty spice with underlying floral sweetness and quiet grape. Busting open a bud, the sweetness amps up as the grape sharpens, while tones of mint and pine kick around in the background. Breaking it down by hand my fingertips smell of sweet pine, while the grinds themselves are a light sweet fruit coupled with pine and mint, all which is backended by a floral quality with a perfume edge. The dry pull on the joint is a light sweet floral with a hint of grape lead fruitiness and freshness. The inhale is smooth and on both the joint and the bong and carries that light sweet floral to fruition. The exhale on the joint is mostly a light sweet floral as well but it has a hint of grape and must in the background, whereas on the joint that sweet grape really comes through up top, pushing any semblance of that floral must to the wings. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in while on the exhale I catch heavy pine with a touch of sweet floral, whereas at 185c I still get some cooling on the way in but the exhale is much more floral, and the pine shifts slightly to a pine-sol like finish as opposed to straight pine. The headchange comes on quick but is very mild in nature. Physically, I feel a slight haze across the top of my eyes and a light weight in the shoulders, however it’s nowhere near incapacitating and feels very complementary to chill activities. Mentally I am relaxed and able to focus as needed. While I might be apprehensive about have to make a professional presentation or any other activity where I’m required to be on my A-game because there are real world stakes, in a causal situation, it’s perfect for kicking back and conversing because I’m easily able to stay present and not constantly losing the thread. If you’re looking for a brain busting herb that will send you to outer space this one probably isn’t for you, but I found it to be some quality long lasting any time smoke with an old school feel, and I definitely enjoyed my time with it. That said, for near $70 I’d be hesitant to cop it again just because it didn’t quite stand out enough for me effects wise to bear repeating, but for $38 it was a steal and a half and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Great work Royal Key, from this one batch it’s evident that you put out some quality flower, I’d love to get into more of your library. 

Irene from The Russian Assassin Boyz

Irene from The Russian Assassin Boyz via #TraditionalDTLA on 3/19/2021 (big thanks to them both for making it happen!). THC not listed on this batch. I was gifted this bag but from what I see on Traditionals Menu, it looks like it would go for about $33.50 plus tax if available. After the first impressions of their Wonka hit my page, I got a few messages saying Irene was THE strain to try from the Russian Assassin Boyz, so I was stoked to see it was one of two strains in my newly acquired sample pack. The surface of these trident-esque buds are mostly a mix of raisin and aubergine with rashes of emerald and mint green, pronounced wisps of lanky tiger orange pistils, all of which is heavily engulfed in a dense flocking of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the bag is an intensely savory GMO like smell (which I’m told is due to the Chem in the lineage) with a battery acid edge and some underlying sweetness coupled with a very distant touch of cream. Busting open a bud, that intense savoriness stays dominant but there’s a pastry sweetness that emerges, all while still being wrapped in this acidic tinge. Breaking it down by hand, it leaves a light savory scent on the fingers with a touch of sweetness, while the grinds themselves are undeniably savory, the scent shifts slightly and dips into tones of anise or black licorice. The dry pull on the joint is super strong in that savory chem characteristic to the point it feels like it coats your tongue and it’s all you can taste. The inhale on both the joint and the bong is smooth, and the former has a savory hashy taste with a noticeable tang, while the latter I’d describe simply as a sweet hashy gas. The exhale on the joint is super savory and has a gassy aspect that leans slightly sour, whereas the bong is a bit harder to pin down, as it hits me with that savory gas but also has a light sweetness kicking around in the background. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a heavy floral with a perfume kick, where at 185c it’s still extremely floral but has a light pine element that morphs into a hoppy beer like aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick and smacks like a fully loaded Mack truck. I was totally caught off guard by it the first time I tried it, one bowl had me spacey and slack jawed, and when I came back to earth I started messaging my group chats about how it absolutely obliterated me. Physically, a calm set in near immediately as a hazy glaze made its way across my eyes, and a bit of weight settled into my shoulders and lower back. Mentally, I found myself constantly losing the thread and generally confused when challenged with simple things like spelling common words, however that cognitive chokehold laid off fairly quickly and was replaced by a chill easy going vibe that left me feeling mellow and not wanting for more. All and all, this batch of Irene is some fantastic smoke for any time you want to get truly blasted to the point you lose touch with planet earth. Even now, after growing accustomed to it’s slap, I still approach with caution as it manages to put me on the ropes no matter the time of day. While I’m able to manage certain tasks and get through my to do list with the aid of a strong cup of coffee, if I’m at all tired, Irene will for sure have me down for the count within minutes. I really enjoyed my time with this batch and I definitely plan on picking more up again in the future. Fantastic flower Russian Assassin Boyz, you absolutely killed it on this one, keep up the awesome work!

Banana OG from Fresh Baked

Banana OG from Fresh Baked via The Circle in Long Beach on 12/10/2020 (big thanks to Fresh Baked and The Circle for making it happen!). THC tested out to 29.39%. This was gifted to me but at the time I picked it up was going for $55 on the menu. Last time I went to the Circle in Long Beach to pick up Fresh Baked’s limited edition batch of Ice Cream Cake, they were awesome enough to also include this bag of Banana OG which I’d heard nothing but good things about, so I was absolutely stoked to jump in. The surface of these semi-dense fat bottomed shrub shaped nugs are a mix of forest, fern and tea greens, with wisps of twine brown pistils timidly clinging to the canopy, all of which is flooded over with copious amounts of tall cream colored triches.

The nose out of the bag is a delicious smelling sweet candy fruit with a minty back end and a waxy quality that feels like something you might come across in a Bath and Bodyworks candle as you sniff your way through the shelves. Busting open a bud, that same sweet scent remains essentially the same, but gets louder. Breaking it down by hand, I get a subtle sweet musty fruit rind scent on the fingers, while the grinds themselves come with an even more intense sweet waxy fruit scent that makes my eyes widen and gives me some strong banana Hi-Chew vibes. The dry pull on the jay is also very fruity candy sweet, but has this pleasant vaporous undertone that all together, nearly makes my mouth water. The inhale is smooth on both the bong and the joint initially, and on the joint I get a general sweet floral, whereas the bong is essentially the same but leans just a tad more sugary. The exhale on the joint comes off like banana taffy at first, but as I got towards the middle, it got slightly harsh which sort of muted the flavor experience as a whole. The bong was consistently smooth, but much more floral in nature, with that banana aspect being highly tamped down in comparison to the joint. Cross checking the flavors on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a very light cooling sensation accompanied by an unexpectedly strong pine taste with just a touch of floral on the back end, whereas at 185c the pine still remains the dominant player but there’s a perfume like floral that also makes its presence known. The headchange comes on quick, and brings a very mellow yet feel good energy with it, while still managing to put some pressure behind the eyes and weight on the body to boot. Over time the sedation effect set in harder, and I quickly went from bright eyed, alert and active, to heavy legged, dough faced, and looking for a place to kick back on the couch for a possible weed nap. Mentally I felt fairly present, spacing out on only the rare occasion, yet was easily distracted which had a tendency to take me away from the task at hand if said distraction ended up with me unwittingly going down some kind of hazy rabbit hole. All of that said, if I had to pick between this strain and the Ice Cream Cake I got from Fresh Baked on the same day, I’d probably lean toward the ICC as that one in particular ticked all of the boxes for me personally. This Banana OG looked and smelled fantastic, but slightly stumbled in the flavor arena, yet recovered beautifully in the effects department as one big bowl had me ripped to the point I was wondering if I really needed to take on the second one I’d just finished packing. In the end this was a pretty solid showing, and I could definitely see myself picking this up again if I saw it on the menu at the right ticket and were in the market for some relaxing, clear headed, feel good smoke.

Cookie Crisp from Balanced Los Angeles

Cookie Crisp from Balanced Los Angeles via a Balanced sales rep on 12/22/2020. THC tested out to 32.92%. This was gifted to me but I believe it averages 45-60$ pre-tax in the shops. Having had a pretty decent experience with their Macaron, when Balanced reached out and asked if I was interested in giving their Cookie Crisp a shot, I was absolutely on board to give it a go. These portly buds are mostly a mix of forest and army greens coupled with veins of deep rich aubergine, intense flurries of golden brown pistils, and an omnipresent coating of egg cream and yellowed triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet mustiness with a slightly peppery/spice cabinet edge. Busting open a bud there’s no real discernible difference, it hits exactly like the jar smell, and doesn’t amp up any at all. Breaking it down by hand, the grinds have a very subtle fruity sweetness similar to that of an apple peel with a bit of a flat vanilla cream backing, while I found a musty chlorophyll scent inundated my fingertips. Also I should note the buds feel desiccated somewhat compared to the first time I handled them, so while this jar definitely looks sleek, it didn’t seem to maintain the herb as well as some of the other packaging I keep in the same environment. The dry pull on the joint has a lightly sweet and spiced floral although it’s very distant and vague. The inhale is mostly smooth and on both the bong and the joint has a light sweet musty floral, although on the joint it also has this muted pastry backend, and it started to get slightly harsh toward the middle of the j which is not something I noticed on the bong. The exhale on the bong is a semi sweet musty floral with a touch of distant mild fruitiness and a hint of weak cream that seems to come and go whereas the joint is a slightly sweeter floral with that same mild fruitiness. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get an ultra light floral mint whereas at 185c it’s more of a general floral, but it’s so vague it’s almost nonexistent. The headchange comes on quick and hits with a wave of calming energy while simultaneously putting a touch of pressure on my shoulders and behind my eyes. Mentally, while drifting off to space on occasion, I am able to mostly stay focused and relaxed while making my way through my task list. However, I also find myself wishing I could shirk this responsibility all together and just kick back on the couch, as the only challenge I’m really up to in this state is trying to stay awake while watching the entire Snyder Cut of Justice League in one go (impossible). All and all, while it’s undoubtedly some beautiful herb, there wasn’t anything particularly stand out about this batch that would have me jumping at the chance to get my hands on more. However, depending on the ticket and what else might be on offer, there’s a chance I’d grab it again if I was looking for some lazy day smoke

Mandarin Gold from Maven Genetics

Mandarin Gold from Maven Genetics via Calma West Hollywood on 10/20/2020. THC tested out to 22.1%. Huge shoutout to Calma for making it happen! Calma was cool enough to gift this to me, it runs $45 pre-tax on their menu, but goes for about the same after tax on the menu at Maven’s home shop Kush Alley in the valley. A few people have told me that Mandarin Gold from Maven was an awesome sativa, so when I spotted it on the shelf at Calma and asked them if it was cool if I swapped it for one of the other flavors in my sample pack, they were totally on board and pulled it right off the shelf for me to try. The surface of these semi flat diamond shaped buds are mostly lime accompanied by forest and Sacramento green accents, occasional intense flurries of bronze and apricot orange pistils, and an ample amount of yellowing egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a slightly sweet must with a very faint touch of orange in the background. On busting open a bud, that orange gets slightly sharper and louder and takes center stage, pushing that mustiness into the wings. Breaking it down by hand, it leaves an orange must on the fingers that leans slightly cheesy, while the grinds themselves have a very sugar sweet orange quality that comes off more like an orange candy as opposed to a natural backyard orange. The dry pull on the joint is a sugar sweet floral with orange that hits me like a very mild orange starburst with a floral backing. The inhale is smooth and comes with a lightly sweet floral coupled with distant orange on the joint, whereas the bong is essentially the same, but the orange comes through just a little more. The exhale on both the joint and bong is a mildly sweet floral with an orange tang that again seems to be a bit sharper on the bong. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a heavy orange taste with a mint pine backing and at 185c, it turns the orange down just a tad and rounds out with that same semi sweet floral. The headchange comes on quick and has much more of a sedative effect than I was expecting with all of that citrus involved in the scent. Half way through my joint walk, and 3/4 of the way through the joint itself, I felt this sudden fatigue and weight on my body that made me really just want to sit down and take a minute to enjoy being stoned. I figured I might have just been having a low energy type day, but even on days where I had a good amount of energy prior to smoking, it seemed to drag me down a bit physically. Mentally I didn’t feel worse for wear, I felt present and focused and while I admit I was distracted on occasion, it wasn’t too disruptive to my train of thought and I was able to pick up right where I left off. Effects wise, it feels like it’s more of a straight hybrid as opposed to Sativa Dominant, but some of that could be due to being harvested around 9 months ago and going through off gassing etc that most likely changed it’s terpene composition somewhat. That said, I think it’s held up extremely well for it’s age as that orange is still very bright, I’d love to get a fresh batch for comparison to see if it hits me any differently. I can still see myself wake and baking on this strain but I’d save it for the start of a lazy Saturday/Sunday and not lean on it as a daily driver as it’s just a little too demotivational for those days where you want to get things done. Great job once again Maven, keep up the good work. 

GMO from Cali Kush Farms

GMO from Cali Kush Farms via @therealkindcenter on 10/20/2020 (shout out to my dude Cary for making it happen!). THC tested out to 31.79%. This goes for around $50 out the door but check out The Kind Center’s website for specials, they have some killer deals. GMO is one of my favorite flowers when it comes to recent staple strains in California. It smacks in a particular way that sits with me just right, so when the Kind Center budtender pointed it out in my sample pack and was one of his favorites in the bunch, I was absolutely stoked to put this batch through its paces. The surface of these gorgeous spear shaped nugs is a mix of kelly, emerald and lime greens with sporadic rashes of aubergine, coupled with bursts of rusty copper colored pistils, all of which is absolutely flooded over with bright white and cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a savory must with a funky hash twist. Busting open a bud that savory aspect amps up a bit but it’s essentially a louder version of the jar scent. Breaking it down by hand, there’s a stick left on the fingers along with that savory must and a distant hint of mint-pine, while the grinds themselves hit me like an onion heavy tuna salad. I know that’s a bit of a strange description but that’s really the first thing that came to mind, no fish scent, but the salt mayo and onion combo is definitely present and has a piney back end. A dry pull on the joint comes through with that savory floral and a distant semi-sweet mint. The inhale is smooth, and on the joint comes off with a bit of a spicy floral bite, whereas the bong has a muted savory quality with a salty edge. The exhale on the bong is a salty savory floral with an electric lean that reminds me of sticking my tongue on a 9volt battery as a kid, whereas the joint is more of straight savory floral with an acidic funk, and in both cases they had a tendency to punch the septum and make my eyes water. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from GhostVapes, at 170c I get a lightly sweet floral with a touch of mint and pine in the background, whereas at 185c the sweet floral intensifies and the mint falls off some but the pine remains very much present. The headchange came on quick with a formidable stopping power that took me from 100 to 20 mph near immediately. In prep for my recent move I found myself in a constant rushed state of mind, however after I smoked a single bowl of this GMO, the motivational anxiety coursing through my veins just moments before had disappeared almost completely. I found myself kicked back, fully relaxed on the couch, watching a random episode of California’s Gold on YouTube and lamenting Huell Howser being gone all too soon. Before I knew it an hour had passed, and I was heavily invested in Huell’s current adventure, while totally neglecting any sort of progress for my move. I’d say this batch is a motivation sapper but it’s more than that; it’s a motivation wrecking ball. Attempting to get anything of consequence done after smoking this is a pure exercise in will power, one I failed to complete multiple times, although I do admit I did so happily as relaxing somehow becomes the top priority on your agenda as you succumb to the powerful grip of this strain. If you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoyed my time with this jar, and if you’re at all a fan of GMO and can get your hands on it I know you’ll enjoy it too. I may be biased, but it’s an indica that ticks all boxes for me personally, and Cali Kush really knocked this batch out the park. Great job once again Cali Kush, you consistently put out top quality heat which is a rarity in the rec market, keep up the excellent work!

Chem Roll from Panacea Farm

Chem Roll from Panacea Farm via OC 3 Dispensary on 10/29/2020 (Huge shoutout to awesome folks and Panacea and OC3 for making it happen). THC tested out to 32.6%. This goes for $55 pre-tax but if you pick up an ounce of Panacea you get 25% off at OC3 which should basically wipe out the tax. As soon as I read the review @1s_th3_hype_r3al put out on Panacea’s Chem Roll I knew I needed to get my hands on some, so needless to say, when I found it in my OC3 sample pack I was hella stoked. This particular batch consisted of two nugs that, visually, reminded me of Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the poster for the movie Twins. The surface of this obvious champion and his little pal are a patchwork of lime and fern greens, tightly matted cream orange pistils, and an understated coating of triches that run the gamut from canary yellow to crystal clear.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet must with fruit and a baked good quality that almost comes off similar to a homemade marmalade on toast. Busting open a bud, that sweet pastry takes center stage with a touch of cream, a mint pine backing and a hint of must. Breaking it down by hand I get the sense of sweet pastry, floor cleaner and a distant hint of creamy must on my fingertips, while the grinds themselves are a complex mix of extremely sweet fruit coupled with a gorgeous gassy tone that tamps down that cloying fruit in just the right way. The baked good and floor cleaner elements are also present on the backend, with the smell coming off as some kind of foriegn candy made from natural ingredients, or a berry pie consisting of something uncommon like Marionberries. A dry pull on the joint comes with a sweet half fruit, half mint floral, with a touch of distant musty cream underneath. The inhale is smooth and on the joint is a semi sweet floral with a fruity echo and a peppery twist, whereas the bong is a less distinct distant peppery cream. The exhale on the bong is a sweet mustiness with that peppery tang, while the joint comes off with a distant sweet fruitiness first, followed by that same musty peppery tang with cream quality lingering in the wings. Cross checking the flavors on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c it hits very piney with just a touch mint and floral kicking around in the background, while at 180c the pine still comes through but is offset by a strengthened floral taste yet the pine remains dominant as it lingers for an inordinate amount of time after the hit. The headchange comes on quick with a pleasant hazy headed slap with a bit of an ASMR like tingle down the top of the spine. Mentally, I found that I could maintain focus easily but I quickly realized my awareness had been obliterated. At one point I’d let the cat outside to watch some dogs beefing on the street and then went back to writing. Normally I’d be cognizant enough to check on her frequently to make sure she hadn’t bolted, but I’d been so focused on the computer that when I snapped back to reality, it felt like some massive amount of time gone by and I thought I’d neglected her. I went to check the deck and she was gone but after a moment I realized she was just chilling in the kitchen. The point of this little anecdote being I still can’t tell you how much time passed between the time she’d gone outside and the point I found her in the kitchen and I found that to be a recurring theme with this batch. Over time a sedated feeling starts to kick in, and while I don’t exactly feel sleepy, I do feel like kicking back and getting some use out of my Netflix account. All of that said I enjoyed my time with this Chem Roll and I could see myself picking it up again, especially if I were in the market for some lazy Sunday or rainy day kind of herb, as the buzz is quite conducive to those times when it’s best to stay inside and relax. Great job once again Panacea. Keep up the fantastic work!

Billy Kimber from Garrison Lane

Billy Kimber from Garrison Lane via Catalyst Santa Ana on 11/29/2020. THC tested out to 23.848%. It’s a little hard to read the receipt because of the discounts and the taxes but, this batch was originally $69 out the door but I got it for about $45 otd. Just a few short years ago, Billy Kimber had a legendary status in the traditional market, and I remember a couple friends simultaneously talking it up and being astonished at it’s going rate. The last time I picked it up from a traditional vendor, it came in a black bag and was still excellent as ever, so when I saw this green bag Kimber on sale at Catalyst I jumped at the chance to see if things were still the same. The surface of these semi-dense nugs is mostly pear with fern green accents, sporadic bunches of gangly rusty red pistils, and a fairly thick coat of half intact slightly off white triches.

The nose out of the bag is musty with a dingy lemon tang and a sweet floral back end. The lemon hits in a very “dirty” way to the point my notes say it smells like someone took an old lemon and wiped it on an unwashed and well worn linoleum floor at a long since abandoned hospital. Busting open a bud, the must gets pushed back and a semi-sweet floral comes to the foreground, while I pick up on notes of freshness in the distance. Breaking it down by hand there’s a sweet minty floral left on my fingers, where the grinds themselves have that filthy lemon floral but it’s slightly sweeter than before, and with the added elements of mint pine it starts to give off those household cleaner vibes. A dry pull on the j is a vague, semi-fresh, minorly sweet floral with a very distant hint of lemon, but it’s all very muted. The inhale is smooth and hits with a slightly sweet floral on the bong, whereas the joint is essentially the same but has a slightly more acidic tone. The exhale has a muted curry like spice couple with musty floral off the bong, but is an extremely vague floral off the joint, to the point where it’s essentially nondescript. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c there’s a slight cooling effect on the way in and there’s a muted lemon fresh floral whereas at 185c, there’s still a bit of a cooling effect on the way in but it’s a more pronounced citrus and skunky floral.  The headchange comes on quick but is really middle of the road and unimpressive compared to its previous iteration. I remember being extra cautious when I smoked the old school Kimber as it was one quitter hitter status, and no matter the time of day, if I tried to smoke more than a single bowl then I’d find myself knocked out only mere minutes afterward. This is not that. Physically, I feel a touch of haze across the eyes and a bit of weight behind them that half heartedly extends into the body as well. Mentally my energy levels seem dampened slightly, and I feel the start of the “I don’t give a fucks” brewing, but none of it is quite powerful enough to subdue my will when it comes to finishing my to do list. Without comparing it to the old Kimber, it’s a mildly satisfactory OG that you can smoke any time of day if you are just looking to get a general functional buzz, and you can continue about your business without fear of being incapacitated in anyway. However, I can’t overlook that this batch was being pushed as “THE” Billy Kimber with the intention to ride that hype, and (without actually knowing) there’s part of me that can’t help but think this was a purposeful attempt to bamboozle the consumer into picking up a lesser herb a a much higher ticket than it would normally call for. That said, I’m very glad I got this on a huge discount as it was on the Catalyst “kill list” but in retrospect, that’s probably about the appropriate rate for a batch like this and it shouldn’t have been going for more in the first place. If you’re looking for an alright OG at an inappropriately high ticket then this one might be for you. However I’d say your funds are better applied elsewhere as this batch of Billy Kimber was disappointing in nearly every regard and should be avoided by anyone who’s tried the real deal. Sorry Garrison Lane, Billy Kimber used to knock it out of the park, but this one was a major whiff. 

Bananalato from Cream of the Crop

Bananalato from Cream of the Crop on 12/12/2020 (big thanks to for making it happen!). THC tested out to 37.31%. This was gifted to me and I am not sure of the price point on it to be honest. The gift sets were around 150 if I remember correctly but I don’t think these 8ths were ever sold seperately. In December, Cream of the Crop released a beautiful gift box set just in time for the holiday season, and in an effort to promote it they gave them out to a bunch of reviewers just prior to their release so I was admittedly very curious about its contents. This jar of Bananalato was the single eighth of flower chosen to be featured in the gift box. The surface of these beefy buds are a mix of lime, pear and hunter greens with occasional rashes of midnight blue, sporadic pops of light twine colored pisitils, all of which is heavily obscured by an impressively thick coat of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar has a very pleasant natural sweetness that comes off like some hipster artisanal candy made of all natural ingredients using recipes from the 1850’s. There’s a faint fresh mustiness underneath, but it’s mostly dominated by a gentle fruit with minor anise like vibes. Busting open a nug, an even softer fruity sweetness emerges that hits me like a mix of red delicious apples and your standard cavendish banana all rolled into one, with a distant fresh backing. Breaking it down by hand it leaves a mint pine freshness on the fingertips, while the grinds themselves are very similar to the jar scent, having a sweet yet subdued fruitiness with a mint pine backend and a musty undertone. The dry pull on the j has that subtle sweet fruit in spades. There’s a very natural tasting banana candy that really comes through. The inhale is smooth on the bong and hit with a very quick fruity burst that bounced off the tongue, and while the joint had a nice musty sweetness with a fruit twist, over the course of the sesh it got a tad bit harsh. While it wasn’t anything unmanageable it should be noted. The exhale on the bong was a musty fruity sweetness, whereas the joint was more of a subtle sweet fruit with a minor freshness on the backend. Cross checking the flavors on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling tingle on the way in and a very piney exhale, while at 185c it’s a strong sweet floral and pine. The headchange comes on with a quick slap that left me dazed and slack jawed near immediately. As I walked, I found myself with my head tilted upward staring up at the sky and admiring how blue it was on that particular day, as my mind happily wandered from thought to thought. Physically, I felt very light in the chest like my torso wanted to float upwards, while contradictorily my shoulders felt heavy like they were what was keeping me pinned to the earth. It’s a very classically blasted feeling, a sort of buzz that exhibits all the traits that you’d expect from being stoned, an old welcomed jazz standard form of being lit. While it may not be ideal for a wake and bake, I’d say it’s suitable for any time of day, and it doesn’t rock you so hard that you’re not able to focus and concentrate if need be. All and all I really enjoyed this batch of Bananalato, while it did have that harshness issue on the joint I dug how it smoked from the bong, and the smell/flavor experience was fairly unique despite it being born of two staple strains in today’s cannabis space. Depending on the ticket I’m able to find it at, I could see myself picking it up again but I’d be hesitant to roll another joint with it, although I’d happily pack bowls all day. Good work on this one Cream of the Crop! #bananalato #creamofthecrop #weshouldsmoke #okcool