Zkittlez from Cali-X

Zkittlez from Cali-X via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. No THC levels indicated on the bag. Acquired for a $50 donation. The few times I’ve had Zkittlez in the past they haven’t been that great so it’s a strain I’ve typically shied away from, but when I saw Gulfcoast had some on deck, I knew it would be quality and I decided to jump in. The surface of the bud shifts from dark to light green and even dips into near light yellow at times, similar to the coloring on the outside of a watermelon, but with dark amber pistils and a light dusting of triches.

The nose out of the bag was initially muted but after a couple days of opening it up and letting it breath I picked up on a sweet fruity smell that mostly leaned toward a musty orange. When busting the nug open the smell was the same but actually got a little more muted which was unexpected. When breaking it down by hand it left a slight slight stick on the fingers and it revealed a sweet lemon lime candy type zing which filled me in on how it came about its name. The inhale was smooth and I picked up on notes of orange candy. On the exhale it morphed a little to a more earthy musty orange flavor. As for the headchange, it has a nice smack up top and comes with a little bit of feel good energy initially, while following up with that pressure from the back of your sinuses up into your forehead. I found it to be a nice middle of the road hybrid. I was able to get things done around the house, play games and watch TV all while feeling a good slap without it weighing me down too much or knocking me out for the count. I have to say I enjoyed this batch of Zkittlez more than any other I’ve tried so far, it was a good experience for the ticket, and it’s made me less hesitant to check out this strain from other skilled growers going forward. This was a also great introduction to the quality that Cali Xotics is capable of putting out and I’m excited to get my hands on more of their product as it comes down the line. Excellent work CaliX and props to Gulfcoast for always carrying that supreme heat!