MAC from Cresco Labs

MAC from Cresco Labs via Connected Bellflower on 5/17/2020. THC tested out to 27.864% THC. Purchased for $38 out the door. When I stopped into Connected Bellflower to waste some time while waiting on a friend to get home, I spotted this MAC from Cresco and while my only experience with the brand was seeing it mentioned online occasionally when discussing corporate cannabis efforts, the ticket was too good to resist and I was admittedly curious about the brand so I decided to jump in. The surface of these buds flip back and forth from parakeet and shamrock greens to deep violet and eggplant purples, featuring wisps of brownish gold pistils, and a coating of frosty white triches so thick it obscures everything beneath it.

The nose out of the jar is a musty pepper with an herbaceous twist. Busting open a bud a sweet cream emerges and pushes that musty pepper back just a bit. When breaking it down by hand I get a musty chalky sweet cream that lacks that berry aspect I’m used to getting out of MAC where this hits me more like a chalky powdered milk. The dry pull on the jay has a sweet creamy spice that reminds me every so slightly of a chai cream frap from Starbucks and has a very subtle hint of berry in the background, so subtle in fact I’m not sure if I just imagined it, but I did note it so I thought I’d mention it. The inhale was smooth initially but became harsh towards the end of the joint, which tasted of sweet earthy cream, whereas the bong had more of a creamy floral quality. The exhale off both the bong on the joint was a very faint and flat sweet cream with a peppery tang that was hard to pin down as it wasn’t too defined flavorwise. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes I get pretty much the same floral with a hint of mint at both 170c and 185c but the floral is slightly stronger on the latter. The headchange comes on quick and with a slap that leaves you hella spacy. It doesn’t weigh too heavy on you physically and won’t leave you couchlocked but plays absolute havoc on your ability to focus. If you’re watching a movie, expect to zone out only to snap back 10 minutes later and realize you haven’t been paying attention at all, and you have no idea why these guys in trenchcoats are chasing the main character. All and all, I feel like this was a solid representation of MAC, and a pretty decent introduction to Cresco at a bargain ticket. Other than the joint ending up a tad harsh, I can’t really find any reason to write Cresco off, so I’ll definitely pick up another batch of something else they offer to see how it holds up. Pretty good job Cresco, you’ve got my attention.