Garlic Mint from Floracal Farms

Garlic Mint from Floracal Farms via Evergreen Santa Ana on 6/30/19. THC tested out to 25.31%. Purchased for $44 plus tax. The look on this Garlic Mint had me sold. It’s amazing looking and smelling flower for a little bit above a mid tier ticket. The nose is this beautiful mix of spice and mint, it’s musty yet refreshing, backed by a nice floral scent over all. The namesake really makes itself known on the finger grind. Now, maybe I’ve been made bias by the name, but when you break down these nugs there really is a garlic like scent that comes to the forefront. It’s not as straight forward as garlic, but the mixing of the aromatics it gives off have this really savory nose that comes off as very garlic like. As far as appearance, these nugs are straight beautiful.

The surface is mostly a lighter green dipping across the spectrum to the occasional purple hue and is absolutely drenched in huge salt-like triches, The headchange comes on quick and strong but isn’t as much of a thwacker as anticipated. I expected to be weed napping within an hour from the look of it, but it had a pleasantly surprising amount of energy that came with it. I started leaning on this as my mid day go to and it was absolutely perfect. Enough to take the edge off but it still allows you to focus on tasks and get things done while making you feel positive about doing it. This is excellent flower at a fantastic ticket and if this sampling speaks to the quality of Floracal farms overall then I am a future loyal customer. Great work to folks at Floracal Farms!