Jack Herer from Good Flower

Jack Herer from Good Flower via The Spot Santa Ana on 3/11/2020. THC tested out to 18.68%. I purchased this for $1 but it typically goes for $25-35 on various menus and could be as cheap as $10 if you get it on the happy hour special at The Spot. Late last year I had some Super Silver Haze from Good Flower that wasn’t all that good, so they sent me a few samples in recompense and this Jack Herer, one of my favorite strains, happened to be amongst the bunch. These fluffy yet shrub like buds are a dusty fern green with marmalade orange pistils and a surprisingly formidable layer of tall white triches.

The nose out of the jar is mostly floral with a bit of fresh cut grass smell and a musty pepper filling out the back end. On busting open a bud there’s a sugar sweetness that emerges and joins that floral scent along with a touch of fruit while pushing that mustiness back just a bit. When breaking it down by hand it falls apart easily and leaves a triche dust on your fingers while the grinds give off a muted version of that classic spicy yet sweet floral Jack scent. The dry pull on the J is sweet floral with a potpourri twist that dissipates quickly. The inhale is smooth and has just a touch of pancake syrup sweetness on the joint where as the bong has a muffled floral quality. The exhale from the joint and bong is a very dull floral funk that hits me like a skunky beer with a touch of sweetness, truth be told though, it’s so faint it’s hard to pull apart. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I got a vague mint floral taste, where as at 185c it was a sweeter floral mint that was slightly more pleasant, and at 200c it was a general “vaped weed” taste with a touch of a baked goods aftertaste. The headchange is fairly gentle and and gradually lifts you to a workable buzz. It’s not overwhelmingly strong but it’s not frustratingly weak (i.e. Purple Punch) to the point I’m mad at it for wasting my time. I’m able to work, focus, complete tasks at hand without any issue all the while being accompanied by a mild pleasant buzz that helps me get through the day. It’s very functional and meets the standard for what’s referred to in the tech sector as a “minimum viable product” as it’s just good enough to get the job done. Is it good flower? Hmm, yeah. Is it great flower? No, but it’s also not marketed that way. If I were able to pick this up on the happy hour ticket at The Spot I’d probably do it again but any more than that I’d most likely have to weigh my options.

Super Silver Haze from Good Flower

Super Silver Haze from Good Flower via The Spot on 11/16/19. THC tested out to 16.89%. Purchased for $10 plus tax thanks to Happy Hour. Super Silver Haze is a classic, so when I was able cop some at a discount due to the Spot’s killer Happy Hour rate, I was 100% on board. These buds are a mix of light and dark green with a dusting of triches and dark reddish brown pistils. I spotted a seed pod on one of the buds but I didn’t come across any actual seeds.

The herb is very crispy, my guess is that moisture pack was added to combat this, but it was not very helpful. The nose out of the jar is musty in a dusty back of your closet kind of way. The smell strikes me as being similar to clothes that have been put away for many years and are now just getting exposed to fresh air for the first time in a while. There’s this acrid smell that’s also that’s hard to pin down, it’s a little cheesy and a little citrusy, but overall just comes off as unpleasant. When breaking the nug, there’s a bit of a sweetness that emerges, but it’s mostly that same musty cheese scent. On the finger grind I notice the mustiness sort of widens out and you get a bit more of the sweet and citrus but it’s not all that powerful. I’d say it comes off as a really muted spicy lemon. The inhale is little harsh on the throat and I catch a flavor that reminds me of a pineapple rind but in an extremely faint sort of way. On the exhale I pick up on a slight sweetness with a bit of earthiness in the background. The headchange is weak and frankly frustrating. I smoked bowl after bowl and it would almost get me where I wanted to be but not quite. It felt like climbing an icy steep driveway, struggling as you’re almost to the top, then losing your footing and sliding all the way back down to the bottom. I’d describe this as Grandpa Strength. If you know an older person who used to smoke back in the day but finds that strains today are just too powerful this would be perfect for them. While I would recommend it for someone like that, I can’t say I would recommend it for anyone else, even at the discounted rate. Sorry Good Flower, as a sativa fan and a Super Silver Haze lover, this one was a total miss for me.