Heatwave from Greendawg

Heatwave from Greendawg via Connected Santa Ana on 8/17/19. THC tested out to 19.43%. Normally $73 but purchased for $36.50 out the door. When I saw it on the menu at Connected on discount I hopped at the chance to give it a shot and I’m very glad that I did. This nug is absolutely beautiful, I can only hope the pics do it justice.The triches are small but so numerous they stack on each other like dense snow packing deep into every crevice and frosting over every millimeter of surface area. It’s another nug so blasted with triches that it’s difficult to make out the colors beneath but I see some rich purples and light greens with wispy orange hairs struggling to make their way through the snowy berms.

The nose out of the bag is musty with hints of that milky smell that rings through on MAC. On breaking the nug I pick up on a mustiness and further breaking it down by finger I pick up on a muted nutty sweetness that reminds me of Mary Jane’s (the cheap peanut butter Halloween candy that’s one of my favs). It doesn’t really give you that finger hashy feeling but will leave a thick film on your fingers if you handle it too much. The inhale is smooth despite its age and I pick up on a hint of vanilla. On the exhale I get a solid sense of spice. Now, if there were ever an herb to convince you that THC percentages don’t mean much, it’s going to be Heatwave. Testing at 19.43% seems paltry these days in comparison to some of the herb that we are seeing going at 30%+ but Heatwave will absolutely make you take a seat. It doesn’t come at you behind the eyes like you might expect, it feels like it goes straight for the body and leaves you completely slumped. That’s not a figure of speech in this case either, I literally found myself slumped in my computer chair staring at the TV, breaking free only by shaking my head in a cartoonish way to snap out of it. Heatwave is a fantastic name in the sense that it leaves your body drained in the same way being in a heatwave in a stuffy apartment with no air conditioner will. You feel plastered to your seat and while you’re not sleepy you’re tired in a way where you don’t feel like doing much. Great smoke for a night cap after a day of hard physical labor. It gets into you in a way where you’re so relaxed you don’t care about anything except laying there and being at peace. While I can’t say I’d be a repeat buyer at $73, at the discounted rate it’s a phenomenal deal, and anyone that can pick it up at $37 should. If they like what they’ve read here they assuredly won’t be disappointed. Great work to the team at Greendawg!