.38 Special from Hollowtips

.38 Special from Hollowtips on 10/27/19. Shout out to @dadailydabba and @thepristinegreen (on instagram) for the line on this one. COA supplied by Hollowtips shows THC tested out to 30.8%. They are actually not quite in shops at the time of this writing so I’ve been asked to refrain from speaking on pricing. After seeing all the activity surrounding Hollowtips online as of late I was extremely intrigued as to their flower offering and I was undoubtedly stoked to get my hands on some of this .38 Special. The buds in this batch are absolutely beautiful. They are large semi-dense light green nugs with splashes of deep rich purple accompanied by occasional light orange and nearly white pistils all thoroughly encrusted in a thick layer of radiant triches.

The nose out of the jar is a pleasing mix of fuel combined with sweet vanilla cake. On the nug break I catch the same scent but there’s a pine element introduced with maybe just a hint of lemon. Breaking it down by hand it leaves a nice stick on the fingers and the fuel seems to give way to that pine scent while the sweet cake smell remains equally present giving you an extremely pleasant nostril zinging experience. The inhale is smooth and I catch a faint bit of mint on the way in while getting a nice combo of fuel and sugar sweet on the exhale. The headchange comes on quick and hits hard. Within 30 seconds of taking the rip I felt oxymoronic in the sense that the weight hit my eyes while at the same time my head felt like it started to float. The effect feels heavy and intense yet you’re able to operate fully and focus if need be as long as that floaty headed feeling isn’t too distracting for you. What I think I like most about 38 special, and what makes it an awesome hybrid overall, is that it has an immense thwack but it’s not one that’ll put you down for the count. I attempted to smoke it near bed time on a few different occasions and while I was definitely smacked I didn’t end up knocking out until I brought in a heavy indica to finish the job. I love hybrids that have that balance of energy and pressure and .38 Special was exactly that in my experience. While Hollowtips may be a new company on the scene, if this experience is any indication of the overall quality they are capable of producing, they are definitely a formidable force to be reckoned with in the Cannabis space. Excellent work to the Hollowtips team. Can’t wait to see what you put out next!