Lemon Mints #2 from The Jungle Boys

Lemon Mints #2 from┬áThe Jungle Boys via Jungle Boys OC on 6/17/2020. THC tested out to 22.84%.┬áPurchased for $49 out the door. When Jungle Boys OC opened up I was stoked because I was hoping it meant that I could finally get their awesome low shelf zip deals without having to drive into LA. I popped into the shop one day only to find mid and top shelf bags available, and after the budtender pointed out the difference between the two was only a couple bucks, opted for these top shelf Lemon Mints. These beat up buds are a mix of dusty lime and forest greens with aubergine lilts, a smattering of reddish orange pistils, and a coating of yellowing triches that contribute further to it’s unkempt look.

The nose out of the bag is floral, musty and earthy with a lemony backend. Busting open a nug amps up that dirty mustiness. The scent reminded me of walking down an old grimey white tiled hallway at an abandoned school with a visible glaze left over from hundreds of uses of one of those waxed cotton mops. Grinding it down by hand left a dirty lemon floral scented trich film on my fingers, while the grind themselves were a mix of lemon, herb and spice that struck me like an old timey cough drop or a homemade hot lemon tea. The dry pull on the jay is a muted and fleeting sweet peppery floral. The inhale is smooth, and on the bong has a lemon must quality, where on the joint it’s really nondescript and comes off as a vague toasted sweetness. On the exhale from the bong I also get a light lemon must but on the joint it’s just a very muted lemon floral that seems stronger on the aftertaste than anything. It’s sort of strange how blank it is really. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a lemon floral with a minty fresh backend where at 185c it’s a less defined sweet floral taste with a touch of citrus mint. The headchange comes on quick and feels like a nice middle of the road effect that leaves you a little hazy eyed. I can focus if need be but the “caffeinated edge” I crave from my favorite sativas is notably absent. It’s a solid smoke for those times you need to be full cognizant but sedentary, and i could see it making a great writing companion, or helping you get through a few hours of Warzone without feeling worse for wear. Overall I felt like this batch of Lemon Mints was decent effects wise, but lacking in pretty much every other department, and frankly I don’t think it was worthy of being on the top shelf. I don’t think I’d pick it up again especially with the recent adjustments to the tickets on the menu. Sorry Jungle Boys, this one’s a pass from me.

Topanga Canyon OG from the Jungle Boys

Topanga Canyon OG from the Jungle Boys via Los Angeles Farmers on 2/04/2020. THC tested out to 25.33%. Purchased for $25 out the door. I’ve heard good things about Topanga Canyon so when I saw that Farmers had it on the low shelf I was absolutely on board to give it a whirl. The nugs in this particular bag appear small and shrub like. They’re a mix of lime and forest greens with tiny pops of brownish red pistils and a frosting of golden yellow triches that give the surface a slight glow and make the coloring hard to pin down.

The nose out of the bag is an extremely pleasant mix of fuel and lemon that gives me muted eucalyptus vibes. On busting open a nug a mint emerges, joining the fuel in the foreground and leaving the lemon to battle for dominance, shifting into more of a lemon cleaner scent. When breaking it down by hand, I get a delicious smelling lemon candy fuel that hits me as a mash up of Vic’s vapor rub and lemon hard candy. The inhale is smooth, and from the j I get an earthy sweet lemon experience, as where the bong offers more of that fuel aspect up top. On the exhale from both I got a tongue smacking sweet lemon fuel with a lemon water aftertaste but on the bong there was just a little less sugar sweetness and you feel it the septum. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial the sweet lemon fuel is so strong that it tangs the tongue on the way in as well as leaving a fairly long aftertaste. It reminded me a lot of the taste experience I had with Marathon OG from @thecurecompany. The headchange comes on fast with a nice thwack and a brings a bit of energy with it. There’s a touch of haziness that hits behind the eyes and has a bit of a spacey quality that puts some distance between you and your cares. While functional conversationally I found focusing somewhat problematic. It didn’t derail my train of thought so much as grease the track making it difficult to gain traction and progress forward. Even that sentence was difficult to put together coherently when in its brain fogging grasp. That one too. Essentially, you’ll want to avoid smoking it when writing under a deadline, but for most activities it’s pretty awesome. I really liked Topanga Canyon OG, I think it’s a great anytime smoke with a healthy long lasting smack that leaves you dazed in an enjoyable way, and it’s pretty tasty to boot. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this flower being harvested back in August of 2019, but it really held up well, and for the ticket I’d have to say I’d pick this up again in a heartbeat. Great work to the Jungle Boys on this one!

Zkittlez Cake #10 from The Jungle Boys

Zkittlez Cake #10 from The Jungle Boys via Los Angeles Farmers on 12/17/19. THC tested out to 23.67%. Purchased for $200 an ounce after tax. I haven’t been to Los Angeles Farmers since the prop 215 days, but when my fellow reviewer @skinupthen clued me in to a killer deal on this Zkittlez Cake pheno, I made it a priority to swing by on my way through the downtown area and I’m glad I did. These moderately dense buds are comprised mostly of lime green with patches of dark forest green dipping into subtle yet rich purples at times with an abundance of amber pistils and a hefty coating of large yellowing triches.

The nose out of the bag is a muted lemon lime with a musty wet grass in the background. When busting open a bud the sweet lemon lime scent amps up with the mustiness remaining in the background with an added pizza dough like quality. The buds break down by hand really well, it’s almost like they want to be rolled up in a j so they give little resistance, but they do leave a healthy trich grime on your finger tips. The grounds hit my nose as a sweet lime with a slightly nutty dough and just a hint of vanilla that’s very reminiscent of a Peruvian alfajor cookie before it gets the dulce de leche and powered sugar treatment. I realize that description may only make sense to a limited audience so imagine the taste of a very soft and crumbly butter cookie with a lime zest edge and it’s a good approximation. When dry pulling a j I get a very strong fruity candy sweetness that hits my tongue similar to a pink starburst. The inhale is smooth and I pick up on a touch of sweet citrus along with notes of pancakes and syrup, while on the exhale I get a really strong citrus that leaves a Sprite like aftertaste in my mouth. Crosschecking the flavor on my @ghostvapesofficial MV1 I get a strong tangy lime taste on both the inhale and exhale along with a hint of toasted sugar. The headchange is noticeable immediately as you feel the weight of the world instantly vanish. I don’t want to overhype it but I feel like Zkittlez Cake #10 is essentially a weighted blanket for your brain. There’s a warmth that wraps itself around the front of your head and radiates into the eyes and tops of the cheeks all the way down to the base of the neck. You’ll find yourself happily spacing off into your own thoughts, laughing at your own dumb jokes, and really digging that new song you just found out about and can’t stop playing on repeat. It’s the type of herb that just seems to turn up the brightness on life a little bit in general. While it’s a little heavy for a wake and bake in my opinion I’d say it’s a fantastic smoke at any time of day. The current ticket makes it an incredible deal, one that has me thinking about going to back to LA Farmers at least once a day for fear they’ll run out, as it is the best deal in the recreational market that I’ve come across yet. Excellent work to the entire Jungle Boys team! I’m thoroughly impressed and feel dumb for sleeping on you guys for so long in the prop 64 era despite your stores only being an hour away. I’ll definitely be back soon.