Apple Fritter from KRD

Apple Fritter from KRD via OG Express on 10/16/19. No testing info available. Acquired 7 Grams for $85 total. Apple Fritter is one of those strains I’ve come across only a few times in the past couple years, but every time I have, it’s been absolutely killer and this batch is no exception.These dense nugs are a gorgeous patch work of light and dark green with show stealing deep purple hues and dark amber pistils completely dripping with a generous amount of triches that seem to be stretching across the crevices of the bud creating something akin to interlocked trich forcefield. I really wish I had a macro lens to take a deeper look as it’s very impressive to the naked eye so I can only imagine what it might look like under intense magnification.

The nose out of the bag hits me with a subtle mint and surprisingly not much else. When breaking the bud I detect notes of a minty fruity sweetness but it still remains more muted than I’d expect. On the hand break down it leaves a nice stick on the fingers and I pick up on a sweet lemon mint scent that’s similar to that of a yellow starburst that was in my pocket with a stick of winterfresh gum although more subtle. The inhale is smooth and I catch notes of that sweet fruit with a slightly doughy edge which would seem to speak to its namesake. On the exhale I pick up on a broad earthy mint. The headchange comes on quick and has a smack to it that left me slightly dazed. It has a nice bit of energy that comes with it at first and you’ll be able to focus on a singular task if needed, but if you’re multitasking and going back and forth between a few things, you’re going to have a lot of “what was I just doing?” moments. As time passes you’ll feel it settle in behind the eyes and into the shoulders to the point where you’ll want to let the couchlock take over but not to the point where you’ll feel sleepy. This was a fantastic experience for the ticket and a strain I wouldn’t hesitate making a part of my headstash going forward. I’d say it’s a good smoke for any time you want to get smacked up as hard and fast as possible without having to take a weednap later to recover from it. Excellent work by KRD, if you can grab some, I highly recommend it.