Tropicana Cookies 17 from Medcare Farms

Tropicana Cookies 17 from Medcare Farms on 5/23/2020 (shout out to Garin for making it happen!). THC tested out to 16.75% THC. This was gifted to me but the menu price noted on the jar is $61.50. Out of the 4 strains provided in my sample pack, this was the only one to be labeled “Limited Reserve” , so my curiosity was definitely piqued about its contents. These buds are mostly a mix of midnight blue and deep purple with forest and tea green accents, pops of amber pistils, and a median amount of yellowing cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a musty floral with a spice backing, reminding me of the way my grandma’s spice cabinet would smell, a combination of natural scents from herbs to wood all marinated through with age and darkness. Breaking open a bud there’s a faint sweetness that emerges with an earthy floral and light minty pine. Grinding it down by hand that musty floral spice makes a comeback but has a cinnamon/nutmeg lean. The dry pull on the joint had a very light sweet floral taste with just a hint of dough. The inhale was smooth and on the bong had a light toasted floral with a hint of sweetness where the joint was fairly nondescript. The exhale off the bong has a musty sweet cream quality where the joint was a light floral with a hint of mint and a very distant notion of citrus but it was so vague that it was hard to pin down. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c, I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in while the taste itself was a light pine and floral where at 185c, it really pulls back and becomes a very muted floral. The headchange comes on quick but is fairly mild mannered. I’m able to think clearly but there is this slightly paranoid edge that creeps in and puts a little crack in my perceived self-efficacy even when I’m confident about the task at hand. It puts a slight weight in the shoulders and gives you a bit of a bobble headed feeling but doesn’t weigh you down too much. Truth be told, the effect overall was just kind of a’ight, but it wasn’t something I’d say was notable nor beared repeating. It could be relegated to this one batch, but going off my experience with it, I most likely would not cop this one again. Sorry Medcare Farms, some folks out there may have liked it, but this one just wasn’t for me.

Lemon Burst from via Medcare Farms

Lemon Burst from via Medcare Farms on 5/23/2020 (shout out to Garrin for making it happen!). THC tested out to 21.51% THC. This was gifted to me but is currently on the menu at Medcare for $47.46. They also have a membership program which mades that even cheaper so it’s definitely worth looking into. I feel like I can never get my hands on enough sativa so I was absolutely stoked to see this Lemon Burst in my sample pack from Medcare Farms. These semi-dense buds are a mix of avocado green and chartreuse with occasional daubs of aubergine, brownish red pistils, and a thick layer of golden yellow triches fighting for any available space there may be left on the already overrun surface.

The nose out of the jar is very jack-like as it’s a sweet yet peppery floral with a bit of citrus on the backend. The smell really reminds me of this jar of potpourri my grandma used to keep in the bathroom at her house but maybe that was just where she kept all her Jack Herer and I was too young to know better. Busting open a bud, that sweet floral quality still dominates, but the citrus aspect gets a bit louder. When grinding it down by hand a grimey trich film gets left on the tips of your fingers as well as a herbaceous medicinal smell, however, the grinds themselves have a delicious sweet lemon scent coupled with a deep rich floral. The dry pull on the jay has a very pleasant sweet citrus and a peppery floral taste that matches up with the scent of the grinds perfectly. The inhale is smooth and is a very faint sweet floral on the joint where the bong is essentially the same but has a slight citrus lilt. The exhale on the joint is a very muted peppery floral with a touch of sweet lemon where the bong is more of a sweet musty floral with a hint of cream. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c I get a strong floral with a touch of pine and what I’d describe as a skunky beer aftertaste where at 185c it remains floral but it brightens up with a little sweetness and has less of a skunky beer aftertaste but it’s still present. The headchange comes on quick and has a nice slightly energetic slap that feels motivational without being overly jittery or paranoid. You can stay focused and on task with relative ease, however, there’s this slightly spacey aspect that can cause you to drift off if you allow it. I found myself leaning on this batch in the mornings frequently as it pairs well with a cup of coffee and keeps you in positive spirits as you whip through your to-do to list. All and all, I really liked this Lemon Burst and I definitely could see myself picking it up again for the $40 range it goes for at Medcare’s home shop, if you’re a fan of Jack and can find it at a ticket you’re comfortable with I think you’ll like it too.

Medcare Kush from Medcare Farms

Medcare Kush from Medcare Flower via Medcare Farms on 5/23/2020 (shout out to Garin for making it happen!). THC tested out to 24.19% THC. This was gifted to me but typically goes for $47.46 plus tax at Medcare Farms. I find myself in Lake Elsinore about once a month, and right at the exit I take there’s a huge billboard for Medcare Farms, so one day I decided to stop in and check them out. These semi-dense buds are a gorgeous mix of lime and forest greens coupled with splashes of midnight blue, light amber pistils, and a generous coating of white yellowing triches. It’s evident this flower is well cultivated.

The nose out of the jar is similar to MAC with a sweet creaminess but it has a very strong floral musty undertone. On breaking open a bud, that sweet cream and floral must combine into a bright acrid freshness with a touch of cream that’s really hard to pin down as it’s so complex. Busting it down by hand that mild sweet creamy must gets stuck to your fingers as the grinds themselves have those characteristics plus a very complementary savory quality that fills out the back end. The inhale is smooth and is essentially a sugar sweet floral on both although on the joint has more of a toasted taste. The exhale from the bong is a sweet musty cream with a faint touch of dough in the background where the joint is more of a savory must with a hint of sweet cream. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a floral zing with a strong pine edge whereas at 185c I get a less intense floral taste with a savory touch. The headchange comes on quick and with a solid thwap that will leave you stunned. It won’t couchlock you exactly but it’s the type of herb that forces you to will yourself to activity. It puts a certain weight in your forehead that travels down into your shoulders, you’ll be sitting there and you’ll think “I want to get up and get a drink”, but your body won’t follow suit for what feels like minutes afterward. I found it a better fit as an after work smoke that paired well with a movie and some dinner, however I wouldn’t pick a movie that requires intense focus as you’re sure to space out at some point and lose the thread. All and all, and I really enjoyed this batch of Medcare Kush and for the ticket it goes for at Medcare Farms, I can see copping another jar next time I find myself in Lake Elsinore. My compliments to the whole crew at Medcare Farms, great work!