The Soap from Minntz

The Soap from Minntz via Cookies Maywood on 1/22/2020. THC tested out to 29.98%. Picked up for $60 plus tax (minus 20% happy hour discount). The Soap is the latest strain to ride the hype train, so when I found myself cruising through East LA at the start of Cookies Maywood happy hour, I decided to stop in and cop a batch for review. Truth be told the look of these buds are very disappointing. Two boulder-like nugs comprised the entirety of the bag, the have zero squeeze. to the touch, and frankly they feel like pre-prop 64 PGR weed. The surface is a patch work of lime and forest greens with deep purples, the occasional brownish red pistil, and a decent frosting of triches that seem slightly off to the naked eye. When you zoom in it looks like they may have been treated some what roughly, looking like someone took a micro weed whacker to the outside, as it appears there are many headless trichome stalks.

The nose out of the bag is minty with some sweet milky vanilla and cereal notes. On busting open one of the buds the nose is essentially the same yet a little louder but you can see how the inner trichomes look much better than those on the surface. Breaking it down by hand the smell seems to dissipate some and while I get hints of sweet mint and berry and a bit of cream but it’s all hard to pin down as none of it is very pronounced. When dry pulling the jay I unexpectedly get a light butter cookie taste with a vague mint zing. The inhale was smooth as first but got a little harsh toward the end of the joint. I didn’t notice any harshness when using the bong. Flavorwise I picked up on a sweet vanilla cream with a mint edge that really left a menthol like effect on the tongue while on the bong I got more of a sweet floral taste with just a hint of mint. The exhale does have this cilantro like taste which I’d say can have a soap-ish vibe so in that sense the name makes sense. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a minty fresh experience with a very soap-like aftertaste also harkening back to its namesake. The headchange itself comes on quick with a nice thwap and puts a pressure behind the eyes as well as a slight weight on the body. It doesn’t have me tied to the couch exactly and while definitely quite hazy I’m not cognitively stunted and feel capable of taking on any given task that I’d be able to accomplish normally. That said, the effect is really nothing to write home about and I can’t see myself running to the store to grab more at the present ticket. What’s worth noting is that this batch looks nothing like the batches of the Soap that I’ve seen others get on Instagram. If I didn’t pick this up from Cookies directly I’d wonder if I got the real deal. In any case, despite having a decent smack, I can’t say it’s worth the ticket even with the happy hour discount. I really wanted to like it but I don’t see any qualities that bare a repeat, sorry Minntz, this one was a miss for me.