GG4 from Nug

GG4 from Nug via Tropicanna on 9/25/19. THC tested out to 22%. Purchased for $40 plus tax minus 20% first time discount. Nug is a brand that I’ve seen in multiple stores since the dawn of prop 64, so I decided to jump in with what is now considered a classic, Gorilla Glue #4. The nugs in this batch have a flatter and more stretched out look which is similar in appearance to the GG4 I remember getting from Grateful Meds DTLA back in 2014. The surface is a fairly consistent light green with only the occasional dark lilts. Burnt amber pistils appear sporadically in small bunches across the budscape with an ample amount of triches giving it a surprising sheen in direct light.

The nose out of the jar is an earthy musk with just a hint of pine in the background. On the nug break that pine smell gets louder as it’s joined by a bit of lemony sweetness. On the hand breakdown it leaves a nice stickiness on the fingers and I pick up on a lemon cleaner scent with a bit of that earthy must kicking around in the background. The inhale is smooth but surprisingly I didn’t pick up on any flavor on the way in. On the exhale I catch an earthy pine. The heachange is very middle of the road so I’d say the “anytime” label Nug put on the jar is accurate. It doesn’t smack so much as meander its way to an adequate buzz but it’s very complimentary to your current state. If you’re tired, this bud isn’t going to give you energy, and if you’re motivated to take on the day it won’t sap you of that either. For the ticket, it’s an okay buzz and one I wouldn’t mind repeating at some point in the future, but there’s a lot of good quality herb in that range so I’m not exactly jumping at the opportunity to grab it again. That said, I am curious to check out more offerings from Nug as their tickets tend to be reasonable, especially for the quality I found here. Good work Team Nug! I look forward to seeing what I come across from you next.