Paris OG by Paris Cannabis Co.

(Headband x Lemon Kush)

Purchased for 45 tax included via Indika, an awesome delivery service located in the East Bay. I got this during their 4/20 sale so it was discounted from its normal price of 55 an eighth. After smoking this stuff I’d gladly pay the regular price to try it again so big shout out to Indika for hooking it up.

I’ve seen Paris bud around for a while but I never bothered to try it for some reason. In retrospect that was a pretty stupid move on my part, turns out I’ve been seriously missing out. It has massive super dense nugs that instantly smell up the room the second you pop open the jar (or bag). This is easily the best tasting OG strain I’ve ever had, it has a very strong gassy lemony OG taste that lasts til you’ve burned it down to ash. It has a strong balanced high that takes a long ass time to set it but it’s well worth the wait, it’s definitely pretty heavy but it doesn’t make me super sluggish like some OGs. The high also seems to last waaay longer than most strains, all those terps really do make a difference. Easily one of the best strains I’ve ever had. This batch wasn’t tested for THC but believe me when I say it’s well worth the price.