Wedding Cake by North Country Pharms

(Triangle Kush x Animal Mints)

Purchased for 50 out the door (33 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward. I’d gladly pay the non discounted price for this strain so with the discount it’s a steal.

Wedding Cake is one of the few strains that I’ve never had a batch of, every time I get this strain it kicks my ass. I’m sure shitty versions of this strain exist but I haven’t seen it yet. This batch in particular is some of the best Wedding Cake I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot. It has big chunky nugs that are still super sticky even though this batch is from January. The smell is sweeter than usual for this strain, and the taste is a bit stronger than usual as well. It has a very strong indica high that’s super heavy but also has the full body relaxation that you’d expect out of something like GDP. Most indicas I’ve tried are either heavy or relaxing, it’s pretty hard to find one that does both. It’s basically the perfect strain as far as I’m concerned as long as you don’t mind not being able to function. Tested at 24.65% THC.

Area 41 by Alien Labs

(Lemon Fuel OG x Gelato #41)

Purchased for $60 tax included from Indika, a delivery service in the East Bay. No discounts, no coupons, just 60 bucks. I have no fucking clue why dispensaries mark the price up so much on Alien Labs bud, I’ve seen it at a dispensary in the same city for 75 plus tax ($100+ out the door). Just goes to show that a lot of the bullshit pricing you see nowadays is on the clubs, not the growers.

I’ve been meaning to try this strain out since it dropped but I never got around to it til now and damn, I’ve been missing out. This is probably my favorite Alien Labs strain and that’s saying a lot. I love pretty much everything about this strain: the look, the taste, and the high are all on point. It smells tastes like a super gassy cut of gelato and has a very strong taste. It has an incredibly strong slightly indica dominant high that hits very hard very quickly. It won’t totally knock you out unless you smoke too much but it works pretty well for sleep and it’ll definitely glue you to the couch. It’s pretty rare to find a strain this heavy that you can still kinda function on so this is definitely one to watch out for. Tested at 24.38% THC.

60 out the door is the most I’ll ever pay for flower so it has to be fuckin amazing to justify the price, thankfully this strain definitely is. I don’t think I’d pay that price for every AL strain but there’s a select few (Area 41, Melonade, Lemon Fuel OG) that are definitely worth the ticket.

Sonoma Cake by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Wedding Cake bx1)

Purchased for 60 out the door (40 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward.

This is easily the best strain I’ve had in the the past few months, I could smoke this shit for years and still not get tired of it. It has huge super dense nugs (the nug in the pic is an entire eighth) that are totally covered in trichomes. It has the signature gassy vanilla smell of a Wedding Cake cross, a bit gassier than the original. The high takes a while to kick in but is insanely strong, I literally felt like I was sinking into my couch the first time I had it. It’s an extremely heavy indica so I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on doing anything other than sitting on your ass (or sleeping) but if you know what you’re getting into then this is some top notch bud. Tested at 27.52% THC.

GMO Cookies by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies)

Purchased for 60 out the door (40 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward.

This is consistently one of the strongest strains I’ve ever had, I’ve never had a batch that failed to get me incredibly high. Just goes to show you don’t need weird ass genetics to make an awesome strain. It has an extremely pungent smell that’s pretty hard to describe, it’s kinda like super skunky garlic if that makes any sense. It has an incredibly strong indica dominant high that kicks in pretty fast and seems to last a super long time. The high is pretty damn intense so I really wouldn’t recommend this strain for lightweights but if you can handle really high levels of THC then this is the strain for you. I know some people might be skeptical of the test results but all I can say is it gets me high as fuck. Tested at 37.08% THC.

Garanimals by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Grape Pie x Animal Cookies)

Purchased at Garden of Eden in Hayward for 60 out the door (40 with my employee discount). 60 bucks is my ceiling for how much I’ll spend on bud, although it’s not a bad price considering that the standard price for top shelf in the Bay Area is 60 plus tax.

I’ve been a huge fan of Cannarado’s Grape Pie crosses lately so I was super stoked to give this one a shot and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. If it’s not obvious from the picture this strain is totally coated in trichomes, you could easily mistake it for Purple Punch if it wasn’t for the denser nug structure. The smell is also similar to PP, it has the same super sweet grape syrup smell with a bit of mustiness from the Animal Cookies. The high is what really sets this strain apart though, it has an extremely heavy relaxing indica high. The effects hit pretty fast and very hard, this strain will have you spacing out like 5 min after your first hit. It can be pretty intense if you’re not ready for it but this strain is perfect for you if you like getting totally blasted. Tested at 31.93% THC.

Paris OG by Paris Cannabis Co.

(Headband x Lemon Kush)

Purchased for 45 tax included via Indika, an awesome delivery service located in the East Bay. I got this during their 4/20 sale so it was discounted from its normal price of 55 an eighth. After smoking this stuff I’d gladly pay the regular price to try it again so big shout out to Indika for hooking it up.

I’ve seen Paris bud around for a while but I never bothered to try it for some reason. In retrospect that was a pretty stupid move on my part, turns out I’ve been seriously missing out. It has massive super dense nugs that instantly smell up the room the second you pop open the jar (or bag). This is easily the best tasting OG strain I’ve ever had, it has a very strong gassy lemony OG taste that lasts til you’ve burned it down to ash. It has a strong balanced high that takes a long ass time to set it but it’s well worth the wait, it’s definitely pretty heavy but it doesn’t make me super sluggish like some OGs. The high also seems to last waaay longer than most strains, all those terps really do make a difference. Easily one of the best strains I’ve ever had. This batch wasn’t tested for THC but believe me when I say it’s well worth the price.



Grape Jelly Donut by North Country Pharms

(Birthday Cake OG x Grape Sherbet)

This was purchased for 55 plus tax at Urban Pharm in San Francisco, although it should be noted that the price is usually 10 bucks less. That’s especially disappointing because NCP flowers are pretty much the only reason I ever go to Urban Pharm, they’re the only dispensary in the Bay Area that carries them.

After all the top shelf bud I’ve smoked, this is still probably one of the best strains I’ve ever had. It might not look as good as some strains but it smokes way better than anything else on the market. It has a strong gassy cake-like smell with a bit of floral grapes in the background, and it tastes even better than it smells. It has an incredibly strong indica high that’s balanced perfectly between heavy and relaxing. It’s pretty euphoric for an indica, but it still works awesome for sleep. Pretty much an all around perfect strain. Tested at 23.47% THC.