Z Money preroll from 710 Labs

Z Money preroll from 710 Labs via South Coast Safe Access on 10/26/19. Purchased for $22 out the door. I usually don’t review prerolls this way but after gutting the last 710 labs noodle doink I got my hands on, I was really curious as to how it would smoke, and I received a few DMs to the same effect so I thought I’d do a quick write up on the experience. The tube has a small sticker wrapped around it with a note from Brad Melshenker, the founder of 710 Labs, saying that they hand roll these joints they way they would roll their own personal joints from top quality material. Having already broken one of these open I wholeheartedly believe that to be the case.

This z money j had a savory scent and from the outside and when I took a dry pull it had a fresh ground pepper like zing. It was powerfully flavorful and reminded me of the spices in a cup of noodles flavor packet in the best possible way. On smoking I picked up on a pleasant earthy hash like taste that reminded me of some old school hashplant I used to get back in the early 2000s. It smoked smooth all the way down to the noodle. I was thoroughly smacked by the time I finished the j and it was creeper on top of it so I was essentially obliterated 30 minutes later. A Little Caesars hot n ready and an ice cream sandwich later I was done for the night. While I can’t say I’ll be picking them up all the time as I can’t afford it personally, I feel like the 710 Labs noodle doink is a well crafted quality experience that has a personal touch at a very reasonable ticket. It’s a welcome and unique entry in a market place that’s currently flooded with machined packed soulless joints filled with garbage flower and trim ground to dust to hide their poor quality and sold only for the highest profit. 710 Labs, you guys are no bullshit, keep up the fantastic work.