Bacio Gelato (outdoor) from Sherbinskis

Bacio Gelato (outdoor) from Sherbinskis via The Spot on 6/23/19. THC tested out to 20.098%. Usually this would be $35 plus tax but was $10 plus tax due to the happy hour special at The Spot. Having heard a ton of buzz about Sherbinskis when saw this Bacio Gelato was available as a part of The Spot’s (formerly known as The 10 Spot) killer happy hour deal I hopped on it. If you check out my first impression video you’ll see the bag consisted of 2 small nugs and one big beefy boy which I appreciated. These bags are such a mystery a lot of time, when dealing with a brand for the first time there’s a really high potential for shake, but that was definitely not the case here. It is evident this is outdoor through and through, the nugs just have that dark look to them, but also on first touch it’s evident it’s quality outdoor.

The bag gives off a sweet zing but it’s when you break apart the nug that you start to get an appreciation for the genetics at work. There’s an overwhelmingly sweet berry scent that smells like a bunch of fruit that’s slightly overripe. The nug is fairly dense and resistant to being finger ground, if you try though, it’ll leave a nice start to some finger hash on your fingertips. The inhale is clean and smooth and you catch some of that sweetness on the exhale. The headchange comes on quick and strong but is surprisingly clear headed and semi energetic. It’s not a brain basher or couchlocker by any means, and while it’s not quite a one hitter quitter, it’s not the type of outdoor that will have you rolling j after j in order to get you where you need to go. It has a surprising smack to it for something that tests out at just above 20%. For $35, I’m not a repeat buyer because frankly there are a lot of options in that price range, but at $10 it’s a steal and I’d definitely be a buyer at that price all day.