Lavender Sky from Source Cannabis

Lavender Sky from Source Cannabis via The Peoples OC on 6/29/2020. THC tested out to 23.6%. This was about $57 out the door at People’s, I believe you can find Source in other shops for less but I’m using that price for this review. Huge thanks to Matt for meeting me at The People’s OC and handing me dough to grab any Source product from off the shelf. Since he was so generous, I asked Matt what he thought I should cop and he said his current favorite was this Lavender Sky, so I went for it. These pint-sized pot bellied buds are mostly shades of eye stealing aubergine and forest green, with gaggles of pale orange pistils, and a surface that’s absolutely swarmed with egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is extremely musty with a sweet grape lean and a very distant cream. Busting open a nug, I get a light grape must with a savory touch, but it’s really not much stronger than when sniffing the jar itself. Breaking it down by hand, it leaves a light pastry-like must on the fingers with a hint of mint, while the grinds themselves have this complex savory yet semi-sweet scent. It’s hard to pin down, one second it will hit me like a vague deep grape, and other times like a mix of pre-cooking sauces that you toss on your bowl at a Mongolian BBQ. The dry pull on the j has an extremely muted sweet grape with a musty dough backside. The inhale was initially smooth on the joint, but started to get harsh about half way through and was sort of a challenge to finish, especially because it wouldn’t stay lit in the final quarter. I will say I didn’t experience that same harshness when smoking from the bong. In regards to flavor, the joint was nondescript on the way in, but had a musty sweet grape exhale whereas the bong had more musty cream vibes. Cross checking the pallet on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes, at 170c I get a floral taste with minor piney mint, where at 185c it’s a sharper floral but the other notes have dipped off. The headchange comes on quick and with a slap that leaves me feeling slow, spacey, and without the ability to feel a sense of urgency. Within minutes I’d go from a can-do attitude to losing all motivation completely, not feeling like doing much except sitting there on the couch, spacing out and lacking the attention span to hang with even 3 minute youtube videos. I’d find myself mid-walk from the living room to the bedroom and have no idea why I was heading there in the first place. After a moment I’d typically say “oh” as the notion of what I was doing returned. I didn’t feel anything notable physically, just sort of a general hazy malaise, of which I’m not a huge fan. All and all, while this was some very photogenic herb, it didn’t check many other boxes and missed the mark for me. Personally, I wouldn’t cop it again as it was at best a passable experience, and at near $60 there’s a ton of variety to choose from that may fare better. Sorry Source, this one was a flop for me, but I still think highly of Quest and will re-up on that soon no doubt. 

WiFi 43 from Source Cannabis

WiFi 43 from Source Cannabis via The 10 Spot on 6/23/19. THC tested out to 26.1%. Purchased for $45 plus tax. After the excellent experience I had with Source’s Quest, I decided to give another one of their Sativa leaning hybrids a shot, so I set my sights on WiFi 43 aka White Fire. This batch is not as visually stunning as the Quest but you can tell it’s still an extremely well cultivated plant. The nose on this batch is also much louder than the Quest, it’s not going to turn heads if you pop it open a crowded room exactly, but there’s a strong diesel scent coupled with a musty spice that will at least get you attention from a couple of feet away. While the triches on this batch might not be eye popping, they are numerous and mighty and definitely leave a nice resin on your fingers as soon you make skin contact with the bud, it’s got almost a light super glue (as in the actual glue, not the herb) feel to it.

The surface is a nice light green with hints of dark and really sporadic occasional orange red hairs, they almost go unnoticed though, it’s as if they are hiding and do not want to be seen. The headchange is great, it comes on strong and fast and really brings that energy with it, but it does leave you a little spacey. It’s not debilitating by any means, however if you need supreme focus it might not be the best wake and bake. It’d be perfect for a morning hike, gardening, or even something like Saturday morning cartoons. If I had to pick between this and Quest again I’m really not sure which one I would pick as they are both awesome and you really can’t go wrong with either. This another awesome effort by Source at a decent ticket for the rec market and I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the experience if given the chance. Fantastic work once again to the folks at Source!