Tangeray from The Lemonnade

Tangeray (Lemon Tree x Tangie) from The Lemonnade via Gulfcoast Haze Collective on 9/12/19. THC tested out to 23.29%. Acquired for the donation of $50. I grabbed this on Gulfcoast’s recommendation as I was looking for a new sativa to review and I’m very glad I took him up on it. The champion nug in this batch looked absolutely fantastic. The surface of the bud looks like forest camouflage with the way it switches back and forth from light and dark green with the occasional tiny patch of dark orange hairs popping up sporadically. There’s an impressive coating of triches wrapping it all up and giving the nug a yellowish sort of hue.

The nose off the bag is awesome. It smells like oranges up front but definitely has a different sort of citrus note underlying it all. On the nug break the orange scent amplifies to a point where it comes off almost like the zest of an orange peel itself. On the finger grind that citrus smell stays fairly consistent but I do pick up on a bit of lime chiming in. The inhale is smooth and I catch that orange peel taste on the way in and pick up on more of a general citrus on the way out. The headchange is fantastic and exactly what I hope for when it comes to a sativa. It’s got a nice smack up top but you’ll find yourself clear headed and able to focus on any given task. It brings a good amount of energy with it but doesn’t have that jittery paranoid edge and seems to have a good amount of staying power for a sativa. This is a fantastic strain to wake and bake on and an awesome way to jump start the day. For the ticket, I can see myself picking this one up again no doubt. If you’re a fan of sativas and you find it at a ticket you feel comfortable with I’d say you can’t go wrong. Excellent work to the team at The Lemonnade and thanks again Gulfcoast for the recommendation!