Undisputed 87 TKOG from Tyson Ranch

Undisputed 87 TKOG from Tyson Ranch via Cookies Maywood on 9/4/19. THC tested out to 25.23%. Paid a whopping $69.26 out the door. I have never been so disappointed by a brand before. I usually do my reviews in order but this one irritated me so much I wanted to just be over and done with it. This showing of TKOG is simply disgraceful and is barely worth $20 an 8th and that’s being generous. The first thing you notice when you open the jar is a massive amount of stems. The buds are small, thin, and poorly trimmed. Even picking the best bud out of the batch doesn’t help as it has no structure nor density. It feels like handling absolute larf. The buds themselves are a light green with a fair amount of reddish brown hairs and, miraculously, a decent coating of triches. That’s probably the most positive aspect of this batch.

The smell out of the jar is a musty pepper, which wouldn’t be so bad if the bud looked decent, but in this case feels sort of off putting. I couldn’t get a sense of the smell on the nug break because there were no nugs substatial enough to break, when broke the biggest thin bud it came off as a little piney though. On the finger grind you get that pine and a bit of mint too, but the herb is really dry and even though I tried several times, it seems like I really to put work in to find any sort of scent. The inhale and exhale is absolutely flavorless and actually a bit harsh on the throat. The headchange sucks. I was really hopping that despite the way it looked that this strain would thwap like Tyson but it’s more akin to getting punched in the leg by a strong 2nd grader with a yellow belt. I went round for round with this strain despite it being harsh and after 5 bowls it half got me where I needed to be. It just hits ok and that’s frankly not up to snuff when you’re attempting to command this sort of ticket. If I were Cookies, I’d drop the ticket on this to $20 out the door or just remove it from shelves all together, I felt totally bait and switched by that sample. Tyson Ranch, you need much better quality control if you expect $70+ for your product, this is unacceptable and makes me doubt the rest of your offerings.