Wonka Bars from Union Electric

Wonka Bars from Wave Rider Nursery via Union Electric on 7/26/2020. THC tested out to 22.56%. This was gifted to me but normally goes for $175 an ounce however right now it’s on special for $50. $50 zips are basically unheard of right now at the consumer level so that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. A few people have told me I need to start evaluating more affordable options, so when Max from Union Electric asked if I’d be interested in checking out their greenhouse flower, I figured it was a perfect opportunity and jumped right in. These buds are mostly a dusty forest green that dips into chartreuse and lime, coupled with tightly coiled veins of copper red pistils, and a decent coating of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the bag is a mix of fresh plant and earth up top, but once that settles in I catch a musty spice, and a hint of sugar sweetness on the backside. On busting open a bud, a candy sweetness emerges with a bit of a fresh characteristic, but is still mostly dominated by the smell of greens. Breaking the bud down by hand you really get a feeling for the extreme density, my fingers have that musty spice smell, and the grinds themselves are an herbaceous pine with a touch of mint and a hint of sugar. A dry pull on the joint reveals a muted sugar sweetness with an earthy floral back end. The inhale is fairly smooth, and has a minor sugar sweetness on the joint, where the bong is more of a muted fresh floral. The exhale on the joint is a sugar sweet floral with a light earthy dough, whereas on the bong, I get more of a semi-sweet cream. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c I get light a floral mint, where at 185c it’s more of a muted sugar sweet floral. The headchange comes on quick and has a moderately healthy slap to it that frankly caught me off guard on the first joint. It puts a good amount of pressure behind the eyes and on the shoulders that feels like it could pin you down at first, but as soon as you get up to move, you realize how much energy you actually have. I’d sit down at my computer to dive into some work, and before I knew it, I’d be on my feet handling some chore I’d neglected earlier in the day. Not the best companion if you need to be able to sit still and concentrate but it’s perfect for those days when you’ve got a lot of inane physical tasks on your to-do list. I really enjoyed this batch of Wonka Bars. While it’s not the most tasty terp filled experience, for what it’s worth, I’ll take function over form any day. That said, it’s a pretty fantastic generic any-time smoke and I started leaning on it as my daily driver. For the ticket it’s going for right now it’s an absolute steal and I’m thinking about grabbing another zip if I can before the month is over. If you’re looking for some pretty dang good greenhouse on the cheap and you’re in Union Electric’s delivery area I think you’ll want to get in on it too. Thanks again to Max, Union Electric and Wave Rider Nursery, keep up the great work!