MAC #capscut from Woodland Reserve

MAC #capscut from Woodland Reserve via Evergreen in Santa Ana on 6/04/19. THC tested out to 21.7% total. Purchased for $44 out the door. So far, I’ve loved all the MAC I’ve smoked, so when I saw this really nice looking jar from Woodland Reserve with the infamous #capscut on the lid I knew I couldn’t leave the shop without it. Now I don’t drink, but the packaging gives me those fancy alcohol vibes. It’s got a faux wood cap and reflective label with gold writing across the front which is hard to capture in picture format, but in visual style it’s very similar to a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. As with a lot of MAC, the nugs are straight beautiful, and this batch is no exception. Mostly light green nearing yellow with occasional bursts of purple all coated in that signature heavy frost.

The nose is always hard to pin down on this strain and this batch is no exception. The label has a flavor attributes section and says it’s Diesel, sweet and spicy. There is definitely a sweet and spicy combo going on in the scent, but that’s all I’m really picking up, not coming up with any diesel but it does have a sort of “zing” to it, which may be translated as diesel-ish, however it just feels extra spicy to me. It really comes through when you finger grind it, smells almost like a freshly cooked meat of some sort. It is a little too dense to finger grind properly though and ends up like small pebbles, best to bust out the grinder on this one. The smoke is smooth on the inhale and you definitely can get a bit of that sweet and spicy taste on the way out. The headchange on this one seems to be a little bit lighter and less racy than the MAC I picked up from L A Made, it doesn’t give me the “oh shit, am I too high?” feeling that seemed so evident before. It’s nice not to have that paranoid edge, and it’s a very pleasant experience over all, however it will leave you a bit spacy so I wouldn’t smoke this at time you require focus as it’s not going to happen. I found myself walking back and forth between the living room and kitchen multiple times because I’d just forget what I’m doing as I was lost in other thought. While there does seem to be something special about getting MAC directly from Caps shop, this was a great first time experience with Woodland Reserve and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up again at $44 as it’s very similar to the LA Made price point without having to go to DTLA to grab it. Excellent work Woodland Reserve, excited to check out the strains in your stable!