Triple Scoop from Your Highness

Triple Scoop from Your Highness via Jungle Boys OC on 9/26/2020. THC tested out to 26.89%. Purchased for $64 out the door. Your Highness has been on my radar for years now, but for some reason I was never in the right place at the right time to get cop any, so when I noticed Jungle Boys OC put this Triple Scoop on their menu I decided I wouldn’t let another opportunity go by and hopped on it. The surface of these trident-esque buds are a mix of juniper and sage greens that shift into hues of midnight blue and light aubergine with the occasional dot of chartreuse, coupled with sporadic varied bursts of sunset orange and pale orange juice colored pistils, all heavily coated in a thick glimmering layer of icy white triches.

The nose out of the jar is that gelato like grungy sweet fruit with just a slight sugary candied vibe. Busting open a bud, that foreign fruit market scent remains dominant, but it gets a touch brighter and brings a mint-pine freshness with it that makes it’s presence known but stays relegated to the background. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers are overrun with a thick trich grime as I work through the fairly dense buds leaving a creamy sweet fruit with minor eucalyptus vibes on my hands, as the grinds themselves have that grungy fruit scent in spades with a creamy mint base. The dry pull on the joint is a sugar sweet fresh floral that tastes great but surprisingly lacks any semblance of fruit. The inhale is smooth and on the bong is a mild cream with an echo of chocolate so distant I thought I imagined it, but the joint reinforced that experience as it was mostly a fresh floral, but had a slightly louder note of chocolate hanging out in the background. The exhale had a creamy sweet freshness on the bong, whereas the joint had a similar flavor, but it had a spicy bite on the back end. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in, and a strong yet equally balanced floral mint exhale, where at 185c the floral takes command and has a sugary candy edge to it at first but eventually the mint comes through in the aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick and has an enjoyable slap to it. There’s a heaviness you feel in the body near right away but it’s not so strong that it’ll couchlock lock you up, and it has a feel good tilt to it that I wouldn’t describe as peppy exactly, but definitely uplifting as it has you living in the moment and feeling generally positive about existing. I’m able to stay focused and on task for the most part, but I did find myself spacing out briefly on occasion, and without an energetic component in play I was more apt to want to kick back on the couch as opposed to kick ass on my to-do list. Over time the effect really settles into the body and you start to feel the weight increase on your shoulders, while the muscles in your neck seem to get a bit more rubbery, and a bit of an asmr tingle makes its way from the base of the skull down into the upper part of your spine. All and all, I enjoyed my time with Triple Scoop as it’s a pretty solid middle of the road smoke that pairs well with a chill afternoon of video games and movies, and I could definitely see myself picking it up again if I could find it at around $55 out the door. That said, this was a fantastic first time showing by Your Highness as it’s evident that they are capable of putting out some high quality skillfully cultivated product, and I’ll definitely be looking to get more of their offerings in the rotation as soon as possible. Awesome job your Highness, keep up the great work.