Galactic Gas (YOLO/Outdoor edition) from Alien Labs

Galactic Gas (YOLO/Outdoor edition) from Alien Labs via Connected Santa Ana on 5/28/19. THC tested out to 25.31% total.Purchased for $28 out the door. I had seen Galactic Gas on instagram as of late so I checked Connected Santa Ana and noticed they have 3 variations. Premium indoor, indoor smalls, and this outdoor which they have termed “YOLO”. All of which descend in pricing fairly dramatically. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this outdoor variant. The nug itself looks very non-suspect, just average run of the mill outdoor, light yellowish green with tiny unpronounced hairs and just a slight dusting of triches.

Its not going to win any beauty contests on looks alone, but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this Galactic Gas is definitely top bottom shelf. The smell from the bag is a musty sickly sweetness, a bit of rotting fruit kind of smell, with a bit of pine in the background. When you grind it up, something magical happens, and it unlocks the smells deep within the nug. I highly suggest finger grinding just a little bit of this nug if you pick it up so you can experience it. It’s a beautiful sweet fruity candy mix of scents and it starts to give you that finger hash feeling as soon as you pinch down hard. What’s really awesome is that smell carries over to the taste of the inhale/exhale. This is really great outdoor. The headchange comes on quick and leaves you comfortable and spacey but not too sedated. You can focus on a task if need be, but you’ll want to save this for a free afternoon where you just want to kick back and listen to music, maybe have a bbq or another activity where you feel comfortable going on autopilot as you may find yourself going into that mode quiet a bit. While I would like to see this at something like $20 out the door eventually, in today’s recreational market, for a brand name it’s a pretty good bargain. Great outdoor showing from the Alien Labs team!