Jack Herer from Kings Garden

Jack Herer from Kings Garden via Dr. Greenthumb’s Sylmar on 3/16/19. THC tested out to 19.04%. Got a fantastic deal on this at $35 plus tax. I went up to Dr Greenthumbs in Sylmar specifically to grab runts but when I saw this Kings Garden Jack Herer at a really reasonable ticket (especially thanks to my first time visitor discount and the funky flower friday discount) I knew I had to take it home. Jack is a favorite classic of mine and I could tell this particular batch was grown with utmost care. The nugs themselves are hearty, have a healthy coating of large triches, yet are fragile and crumble to the touch.

I have always thought that Jack smells like potpourri and this jar is no exception. After a nice finger grind you’ll find a mix of floral, pine and sweet scents lingering on your fingers. It smokes smooth, with no hint of harshness or expansion when it hits your lungs. The effect is definitely sativa leaning, no sense of couch lock by any means, and while it will give you a jolt it’s not as racy and focus oriented as lot of the common place sativas on the market today. I enjoy smoking this but would save it for an early afternoon smoke on a day when I didn’t have much going on as opposed to something I’d bust out on a wake and bake. Also, I found with this particular batch after about 40 minutes or so, it’d start to way a little heavy and I would find myself not motivated to do much in particular. Again, awesome for days when you want to just netflix and chill or lay by the pool but not something I’d want to feel while out on a hike. Overall, this is a fantastic example of Jack Herer and if I found it again at a similar ticket I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up again. This was a great entry experience into the world of @kingsgarden.ca and I can’t wait to delve in even further.