Whitewalkers from Korova

Whitewalkers from Korova via The 10 Spot on 5/05/19. THC tested out to 22.71%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I’m a sucker for marketing so when I saw #korova released an herb called Whitewalkers just in time for the 8th season of Game of Thrones I knew I had to get my hands on it. Korova pushes nothing but quality so I didn’t even take a look at the bud before I got it home from the shop. That being said, this batch is definitely a looker.

The buds are dense and colorful, they chameleon from light green to dark purple depending on the angle and the lighting, with only the occasional slightly orange hair stealthy snaking along the surface almost going unnoticed. The triches really steal the show. They have the look and preservation that signals an intense level of care while being grown that you only see in quality providers like IOG, Lumpy’s and LA Made. The scent is gorgeously intense, it’s floral and spicy with hints of mint and pine, it feels refreshing and calming just to smell it. I really dig the terpine profile Korova puts on their labels. It’s awesome to put a name to the aromas I’ve been picking up on all these years. Just as they have on the label, the effect is DEAD center between indica and sativa, but be forewarned that it’s a definite brain buster. You will not be couchlocked by any means, however your ability to focus and plan may be severely hinder. I can imagine this being great for an afternoon hike on a familiar trail or just handling some chores around the house. Whitewalkers is the perfect name on the effect alone as you’re definitely zombified through and through. The flesh is willing but the brain is dead. Another straight banger from the folks at Korova. Can’t wait to see what they push out next!