Sour Diesel from Humboldt Farms

Sour Diesel from Humboldt Farms via Eaze on 5/24/19. THC tested out to 16.5%. This retails for $25 plus tax which is frankly too much. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this was a highly disappointing experience, and a really poor showing by Humboldt Farms. I have smoked a lot of outdoor Sour Diesel in my time, it’s a classic, and in the right hands you can get a beautiful flower with some enjoyable racy effects. This is not that. The buds are extremely leafy and dry, despite the moisture pack and nice jar, it’s all very crunchy.

The scent is spicy in the a bad way, smells old mostly, with hints of veggie, like it was stored in an old moldy pepper barrel before packing. It smokes smooth enough, has a sort of pleasant spicy taste, which is sadly the only redeeming quality I can mention when it comes to this particular batch (#SD2-4-19-F). The headchange is where the schwaggy aspects of this nug really shine. Not only is it a hazy, unclear, almost resin like high, but it gave me a headache. Not since the days of Pretendo and brown frown have I gotten a headache from smoking. It was like being in college all over again, in the worst way. Granted, it could have just been time for me to have a headache, but it’s all too coincidental to over look. This shouldn’t be sold frankly, I can’t think of anyone walking away from this jar and paying retail price and feeling good about it. Please don’t take this as a slight Humboldt Farms, I’m sure you have quality flower out there, but you need to know that putting this quality of herb out there is going to damage your brand. Quality control is a must.