Orange MAC (OM3) from LA Made

Orange MAC (OM3) from LA Made via Peace of Green on 8/9/19. No testing information is on the packaging. Purchased for $45 out the door. If you saw my first impressions video you already know how I feel about the look and smell of this batch of Orange MAC. The pictures do a pretty good job conveying its beauty but it’s a sight to behold in person. It really does make you take a second and say “Woah”. As soon as you look at the nug your attention is being fought for between the millions of shiny triches, the beautiful light and dark purps that make up the meat of the bud, and the fiery orange hairs looking like solar flares arcing off the surface of the sun.

The nose out of the jar is straight oranges, if you were blindfoldeded and asked to ID the smell within 5 second you’d think nothing else but oranges, but as you take your time with the scent it reveals these beautiful light floral and mint notes that linger delicately in the background. On the finger grind, the smell remains essentially the same but kicks it up a notch with the mint notes getting subtly louder. The inhale is smooth and I’m picking up on some spice in the exhale. The headchange comes on fairly quick, and while it doesn’t leave you stunned, you will feel just a bit loopy. You can focus but you may find yourself facing the occasional cognitive hiccup. You can wake and bake on this strain just fine but I’d say it’s best paired with a cup of strong coffee. This is fantastic smoke for getting outdoors or doing some city sight seeing, you’re present enough to enjoy the moment but best not to dive too deeply into any given topic, or you might find your mind wandering to the next shiny object in front of you. If I had to find a criticism of Orange MAC it would be that it lacks staying power and will have you reaching back for another bowl to smoke in 30 or so minutes. That said this is a beautiful MAC cross at an amazing ticket and something I wouldn’t mind keeping in my headstash at all times. Another banger by LA Made , Capulator and the Peace of Green team, awesome work!

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