Gushers from Connected California

Gushers from Connected California via Connected Santa Ana on 10/07/19. THC tested out to 24.33%. Purchased for $40 including tax (out the door). Gushers is one of those strains I’ve heard about for the past couple years but just never had the privilege of trying. More often that not it was just too expensive compared to other options on the table at the time so when I saw Connected had it on sale I swooped it up. I admit, I did have a little hesitation as I noticed that not only was it in a bag but it was coming up on being about a year old. The ticket was too good to pass up though so I pressed on. The nugs on this batch are extremely dense and only give slightly to an intense pinch. They hit the eye as a mostly dark green but on closer inspection I see it’s an intense patchwork of light and dark with orange pistils gathering in bunches and breaking through the surface where ever they can but mostly being stymied and stunted by the overall density of the bud. There’s a light yellowish dusting of triches that coat the herb but seem nearly lost amongst the darkness of the backdrop.

The nose out of the bag is fruity but sickly sweet. It’s close to that “foreign fruit market” smell but its muted. On the nug break the scent remains consistent which is kind of unusual as it will typically intensify at least some what on the break. Surprisingly on the hand break down the sweet scent seems to get even more muted but also carries with it just a slight hint of mint. Very strange to come across a batch that doesn’t get louder as it’s ground but that’s definitely what I experienced here. The inhale has a sour note and it a little harsh on the throat. On the exhale I catch a bit of fruit but it remains muted. The headchange is heavy on the head and eyes but is fairly middle of the road and nothing to write home about really. You feel fairly relaxed but not too spacey and while you’re not exactly couchlocked you won’t find yourself finding having motivation to do much either. While I was glad to pick this up on discount, if this is similar to what a fresh batch has to offer I can’t see myself repeating this experience, especially at the full ticket. Sorry Connected, even with this discount, this one was a miss for me.

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