Vision from Cream of the Crop

Vision from Cream of the Crop via South Coast Safe Access on 10/26/19. THC tested out to 28%. I was gifted 2 grams of Vision, it normally retails for around $18. I was stoked to have this opportunity to review Vision as it’s one of the two newly released sativas from COTC that caught my eye (the other being Bang Bang). These small bright green nugs are heavily frosted over with giant triches that give them a yellow-ish tint and while they have a few dark orange pistils making a rare appearance here and there they are obscured fully by that snowy TV like trich layer.

The nose out of the jar is mostly sweet with a bit a savory element that reminds me of soy sauce. Getting a sense for the smell on a nug break is difficult here because the buds are so small but I pick up on that sweetness coupled with a fresh element of some sort with that soy sauce still lingering in the background. Busting it down by hand, I get that same scent but the fresh element becomes more dominant, although I can’t pick it apart. It’s like a mint and pine combined with the mint taking the lead just slightly. The inhale is smooth and comes off as earthy while the exhale has a taste of that freshness on the way out. The headchange comes on quick but is fairly mild in nature. It brings a touch of energy with it while allowing you to stay present and focused on any given task. It functions well as something to start you day with and won’t leave you with that depleted feeling an hour or so later. That said, if I were on the hunt for some morning smoke and making a choice between this and the Bang Bang, I’d lean toward the Bang Bang because it brought more of that energetic feeling that I look for in a sativa. I was lucky enough to be gifted this Vision but at the normal ticket I’d have to say I’d be hesitant to cop it again just because it’s not exactly what I want out of a wake and bake. There are a lot of formidable sativas out there that the fit the bill as a lesser rate so it’s hard to justify the extra strain on the wallet. Great job to the team at COTC though, while this one might of not been for me it was still clearly top quality, and that’s what counts in the end.

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