Grape Jelly from Elyon

Grape Jelly from Elyon via Puffy on 11/15/19. THC tested out to 22.84%. Retails for $39.50 plus tax, I got 30% off due to a special that day. I tacked this on to my Puffy order so that I could qualify for free delivery as that alone costs $14. I’d heard mixed things about Elyon so I decided to give them a shot and see what they were about first hand. When I got the delivery I was stoked because I saw the harvest date was on 9/20/19 so I was in for a fresh flower experience. Unfortunately that’s where my excitement ended. I opened the jar and the nose was straight musty in an unappealing way, it smelled sort of like old dirty plants, kind of like how a bag of pine needles smells with less of a piney edge. When I dumped out the nugs they actually looked pretty good and turned out to be really photogenic.

What the photos can’t convey is how absolutely bone dry these buds were. They are dense and brittle and hard to break down by finger. When I broke open the nug I caught the faint whiff of sweet and rubber but it was so muted it was hard to tell. When I finally got it ground down it the only scent I detected was musty and plant like. The inhale was kind of harsh and had a resin like taste. I decided to roll a joint, and while I’m not the type to typically comment on the color of ash, the ash was dark as night and the joint put up a fight to stay lit. I was able to get about half way through it before I gave up the fight myself. It did have a decent smack to it and was fairly heavy but smoking it is too much of a chore to cop a mild buzz so I’d rather just put the jar away. Sorry Elyon, it was a great start with the harvest date and the herb does look decent but something went awry here and it’s simply not an enjoyable smoking experience. This one is a definite pass.

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