Moonbow (smalls) from Alien Labs

Moonbow smalls from Alien Labs via Connected Santa Ana on 11/16/19. THC tested out to 24.07%. Purchased 7 grams for $99 out the door due to 10% Happy Hour discount. Moonbow is definitely riding that hype wave right now so when I saw Connected Santa Ana had some smalls on deck I knew I had to get my hands on some. These light green near yellowish buds with burnt red pistils are tiny, full of sugar leafs, and lack density but are coated in a heavy frost.

This particular jar also came with a complementary hair as spotted by a few followers with eagle eyes in my first impressions video. The fact is this doesn’t bother me too much especially when you think about the food standards the FDA has set forth for something like ice cream. There’s an allowable amount of rat poop that can be in your ice cream, you can safely eat a certain near untraceable amount of it I guess, so from that perspective one stray hair that some how made its way into this jar of Moonbow isn’t so bad. However it was there so I am noting it. The nose out of the jar is fantastic. It hits with a sickly sweet candy fruit smell coupled with mint, and the more I left my nose in the jar, the more it smelled like a lime lifesaver. It was hard to get a sense for the scent on a busting the nug as there were no buds substantial enough to break open, I tried, but it essentially smelled the same as out of the jar. When grinding it by hand I picked up on a sweet lemon lime scent with mint that seemed to approach near eucalyptus levels of pungency. It really smelled like some sort of muted citrus version of Vics vapor rub. The inhale is smooth and I really don’t pick up on more than a light sugar sweetness. The exhale is much more complex though and I detect elements of that sweet floral citrus that bring a bit of a zing with it reminding me of the flavor off a lemonhead candy. The headchange comes on quick and has a nice spacey thwap to it. I found it to be fairly middle of the road in terms of effect leaning only slightly on the heavier side. I feel it on the forehead and behind the eyes, it gives you that sort of heavy doughface, where it’s like you’ve been slapped in the forehead and eyes with a piece of slightly tossed pizza dough and you feel derped out. There’s also this motivation sapping effect to it, it wasn’t hard to think, I just didn’t want to do anything. I thought at first I might have just been tired the first couple times I tried it but there is this sort of “meh” feeling that sets in after the initial buzz wears off where you just don’t feel like doing much. Even to get motivated to finish this review was a bit of a challenge and I had to shake off that feeling with the aid of multiple cups of coffee. I don’t mind being slumped by any given herb, in fact I most often welcome it, but it felt more like being sad than being tired. Its not like it sent me into a depression but it’s just not a part of the headchange I enjoyed. While it’s a good looking, great smelling herb with a decent smack to it, I just didn’t find any aspect of it quite unique or enjoyable enough where I’d be jumping at the chance to pick up the non-smalls at the full ticket. If it were between this and the Alien Mints I had recently, I’d definitely lean towards the Alien Mints as I was stoked to cop more, which isn’t something I can say about the Moonbow. Is it good? Yes. Is it groundbreaking? If you asked me that about an hour after smoking some I’d probably just say “meh”.

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