Lemon Meringue from THC Design

Lemon Meringue from THC Design via Tropicanna on 11/25/19. THC tested out to 22.89%. Purchased for $40 plus tax. I found myself on the hunt once again for a new sativa, having had an excellent experience with THC Design’s Crescendo, when I spotted this Lemon Meringue on the Menu at Tropicanna I was excited to give it a shot. The surface of these lanky buds are a mix of light and dark green with only a very rare burst of burnt orange pistils. It’s frankly hard to pin down the coloring due to the substantial frosting of giant salt-like triches giving the nugs an overall a gorgeous semi-yellow sheen. Some of the triches are so big that they spark to mind images of the spiked armor plating that lines the back of a Stegosaur.

The nose out of the jar is primarily musty with pepper. There is a faint element in the background that seems to “brighten” up the smell just a bit but I can’t pin it down. When busting open a nug the musty pepper aspect deepens and the smell shifts to a more savory scent with a hint of what smells like electrified metal. Breaking it down by hand you can get a feel those huge triches as they work through your fingers. I notice the musty pepper widens out even further and that electro-metal smell seems to shift into more a citric acid scent. I pick up on the lemon now but it’s more of a calm and natural lemon essence as opposed to an artificial sweet candy lemon. The inhale is smooth as expected but unexpectedly I do pick up on a sweet taste with just a hint of lemon. On the exhale I get a more earthy taste with a bit of a lemon soap edge. The headchange comes on fast but also has this creeper element that takes a while to fully hit and stays with you for a surprisingly long while when it does. There’s a haziness that sets in on the eyes and a pressure that builds in the forehead. I feel clear headed but also thwapped in a way where just chilling and zoning out on youtube videos seems to be a more appealing option than going for a hike or getting chores done around the house. There’s no element of that “get up and go” feeling I look for in my sativas, not that I feel tired or couchlocked by any means, it just doesn’t bring that near energy drink like feeling that I’ve come to depend on when reaching for a jar in the morning. Pairing it with a cup of coffee complimented the effect nicely and helped dampen the shaky anxious nature that often times accompanies a caffeine buzz. If I found myself on the hunt for a sativa once again and I came across this and the Crescendo, and I could only choose one, I’d go with the Crescendo hands down as it’s everything I look for in a sativa. However, if I was looking for a good rainy/snowy day strain to kick back with and watch Christmas movies this would be it, as it has a long lasting hazy yet non-drowsy effect that makes it perfect for exactly that. Great work once again to the team at THC Design. Can’t wait to see what you guys put out next!

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