Strawberry Fields from 3C Farms

Strawberry Fields from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 22.05%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C Farms and Red Roriguez at the Cannbis Cafe for making it happen) This sample was gifted to me but it goes for $35 at 3C Farms shop in DTLA. I used to love some good Strawberry Cough back in the day, it’s something you don’t see too often any more, so I was stoked to see one of it’s kids made its way into my 3C sample pack. These light and lanky buds are mostly a bright lime with forest and chartreuse accents, a substantial layer of shining white triches, with show stealing fiery orange pistils bursting out of the core looking like the tentacles of some Lovecraftian monster in a John Carpenter movie.

The nose out of the jar is primarily must with a faint fruit sweetness that reminds me of smelling the outside of a freshly picked underripe melon. On busting open a nug, that fruity sweetness shoots to the foreground and brings a minor fresh quality with it, pushing that mustiness out of the spotlight although it still remains present. When breaking it down by hand it crumbles easily and the fresh mint and pine element now dominates the scent profile with just hints of must and sweetness on the backend. The dry pull of the jay revealed a subtle sweet fruit that had a minor strawberry taste that reminded me of a crystal lite or zero calorie flavored water version of strawberry. The inhale was smooth, but really not too defined on the bong or the joint, it had a very muted sweet and floral taste but was mostly nondescript. The exhale on the joint gave off a subdued sweet fruit with an earthy and cilantro like soap finish, as where the bong had more of an herbaceous spice tint with a nearly imperceptible sweet floral finish. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes I noticed I got the strongest sensation at 170c which was mostly fresh floral with a distinctly piney aftertaste. As increased the temp it amped up the sweetness slightly but for the most part was a very general “vaped weed” taste. The headchange comes on quickly but doesn’t hit so hard that it leaves you in a daze, it’s more of a gentle smack that leaves you a little hazy eyed and dough faced. In that sense, it’s a good sativa as it doesn’t inhibit your ability to think nor get things done, but it does lack the jittery caffeine like edge that I crave in my wake and bake. That said, while I no doubt enjoyed my time with Strawberry Fields, if I had to choose between it and 3C’s Lime Sherbet on a repeat pick up I’d lean toward the latter solely based on the get up and go factor. All in all it’s self evident that it’s beautiful, expertly grown, and well cared for cannabis, but there just wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the experience that would have me jumping at the chance to cop more.

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