Cherry Fritter from Fresh Baked

Cherry Fritter from Fresh Baked on 6/12/2020 (shoutout to Tommy at the Grand Distro and Mr. Don Fuego for making it happen). THC tested out to 27%. This was gifted to me but it’s current listed for $55 out the door at Catalyst Belmont Shore and $50 at The Circle Long Beach. I’ve heard from a few different people now that Cherry Fritter was the ONE to try out of the Fresh Baked library, so when I got a chance to get my hands on this sample, I was hella stoked. These beautiful semi-dense buds are a patchwork of asparagus and emerald greens with aubergine and midnight blue accents, tightly coiled fireplace orange pistils, and an eye popping coat of yellowing triches so thick it reminds me of cinnamon sugar that’s been excessively caked on the outside of a churro.

The nose out of the jar is a very complex sweet fruit coupled with a chalky sweetness and a floral must that has a slight mint pine back end. When breaking open the bud, that sweet fruit and floral must stay present, but the backend morphs into more of a pastry dough with a hint of vanilla. When breaking it down by hand the sweet fruit amps up and remains center stage but a mint emerges and kicks that musty floral to the background, and it does have what I’d describe as artificial cherry vibes that hit me like wild cherry lip balm. Taking a dry pull on the J I get a faint yet deep fruity sweetness with a musty floral lean. The inhale is fairly smooth, but there’s a heartiness to the smoke, and it has fruity toasted popcorn taste on the joint whereas the bong comes off as a sweet muted sparkling apple cider. The exhale from the joint is a fruity floral with that sparkling water like expression, where the bong has a sweet yet floral, near perfume like quality with a peppery undertone. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a sugar sweet floral with a very light skunky beer aftertaste, where at 185c, it’s more of a generic floral with a touch of pine in the background. The headchange comes on quick and smacks like a mack truck. As I sat on my back porch and was half way through a pinner, I found myself absolutely glued to my chair as my brain went through the mental process of getting up to get a glass of water what felt like at least 100 times, before I was able to muster the physical will to put that plan into action. After the initial smack it becomes less paralyzing, but you still feel a heavy weight that sits right in the middle of your forehead and on top of your eyes, pushing you ever downward toward the couch. While you can focus if need be, you might find it a struggle as your mind will want to wander, however if you have a full day of rest and relaxation on the calendar Cherry Fritter will compliment that effort perfectly. I really enjoyed this batch and I could see myself copping it again, especially for the ticket it goes for at Catalyst stores  or @thecirclelbc , as it’s very reasonable when compared to other brands of similar caliber. Great work once again by the crew down at Fresh Baked, you are clearly expert in your craft, and it definitely shows in every aspect of the final product. Keep it up! 

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