Paris OG from Cru

Paris OG from Cru via Catalyst Santa Ana on 7/20/2020. THC tested out to 25.16%. Purchased for $39 out the door. About a month ago there was some hubbub on The Blacklistxyz about Cru so I decided to swoop this Paris OG from Catalyst Santa Ana to see how it held up. These small shrub-like buds are mostly a mix of chartreuse and olive green with remnants of basil sugar leafs, sporadic bunches of ginger orange pistils, and a decent coating of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the bag is a sugar and fruity sweet that reminds me of a light strawberry hard candy with a touch of mint and some distant fuel. Busting open a bud, the fruity sweetness takes a lemony turn, but it’s still generally fruity overall with a hint of some vicks vapor rub on the back end. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers smell of lemon sweet fuel, where the grinds are still generally fruity but have a lemon lean and a fresh edge. The dry pull on the joint has a muted sweet lemon and very light fuel quality that’s a little lackluster in comparison to the grinds. The inhale is smooth and has a muted sugary lemon on the joint, where the bong, it’s more of a minor sweet floral with a wisp of lemon. The exhale is a not too pronounced sweet floral with a bit of lemon on the joint but it’s hard to pin down, where the bong has that sweet floral up top, but a musty cream on the back side. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c it’s floral with fairly strong pine and mint as where at 185c it’s also floral with a pine backing but not as strong and less defined than at the lower temp. The headchange comes on quick enough and has a mild thwap that’s fairly middle of the road. It gives you a slightly floaty headed feeling while also putting some minor pressure on your neck and shoulders. It’s definitely a motivation sapper and made getting through any tasks at a hand an absolute slog. I had this sort of “meh” feeling whenever I smoked it and really didn’t feel like doing much outside of sitting on the couch and staring blankly into space. While this wasn’t a crappy batch of Paris OG, it was just kind of alright, and frankly there was nothing about it that I can say I particularly enjoyed. The experience was rather ho hum overall, for a little over $40, I’d much rather go with something else from another brand (like THC Design, Ball Family, or Green Dragon) in near the same range that I know smacks. Sorry Cru, it wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t for me.

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