THC Bomb from Coastal Sun Farm

THC Bomb from Coastal Sun Farm via Kannabis Works on 8/21/2020. THC tested out to 26% (shout out to @scott_the_plant for making it happen). I only paid the tax on this one but it goes for $28 plus tax at Kannabis Works and $29 out the door at Catalyst. Having had an awesome experience with their Banjo, I was stoked to pop this second jar from Coastal Sun’s budget friendly Intelligent Greenhouse line up. The coloring on these plump shrub-like buds run the green gamut from chartreuse to british racing green, with near camouflaged pops pale twine colored pistils, and a thick layer of snow white and slightly yellowed triches.

The nose out of the jar is a light herbaceous floral with a muted mulling spice edge. On busting open a bud, the scent is essentially the same but a little louder, and there is this other aspect that smells sort of like unfinished wooden play blocks. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers get fairly triched out and smell of a mellow floral, while the grinds themselves have a very muted spiced floral with a hint of sugar sweetness and a vague fresh cut celery smell. I had a bit of a hard time pinning down the smells on this one, as they were present, but very muted and muddled. The dry pull on the j had a minor honeysuckle sweetness that faded fast and left behind a wooden paper like finish. The inhale on the bong was smooth and had a minor sugar sweet floral, whereas the joint was more of a very light cinnamon sweet, that became a tad harsh about three quarters of the way through. The exhale from the bong was a distant mulled spice cream but it wasn’t well defined, whereas the joint leaned more spicy with a dirty earthy aspect, but was also not too strong. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c it’s a slightly sweet floral and at 185c the floral gets a little more faint and has a minor skunky beer aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick but is mild and middle of the road in nature. Mentally I feel present and able to focus when needed, I’m able to stay on task and complete any given to do list, but it lacks that motivational get up and go that I look for in sativas. Physically I feel a slight haziness in the eyes, as well as a bit of a headband effect across the forehead, and my shoulders down into my arms have just a slight floaty tingle. All and all it’s a not so flavorful, yet fairly balanced smoke that would work well as a daily daytime driver, but isn’t something I’d put on my wake and bake list. For the ticket it’s still a solid deal, but if I had to choose between this and Coastal Sun’s Banjo, I’d lean toward the Banjo without a doubt.

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