Lemonatti from Connected

Lemonatti from Connected via Catalyst Santa Ana on 10/9/2020. THC tested out to 24.71%. Purchased for $85 out the door. In the distance, I could see huge plumes of smoke shooting out from the Hype Train, and today it was carrying Lemonatti. These foxtailed buds are a mix of deep aubergine and midnight blue along with shades of office and shamrock green, coupled with both fiery and cream orange pistils, and and a fortified layer of frost comprised by copious amounts of gently yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet lemon with a zesty edge and a musty pastry-like back end. Busting open a bud, a sugar sweetness with a cookie undertone takes center stage, with the lemon being pushed far into the wings but remaining present. Breaking it down by hand I found a minty lemon stuck to my fingers, while the grinds themselves have a semi-artificial lemon slushie/slurpee scent, but it’s hard to pin down exactly because the lemon seems to widen out beyond citrus into more of a general fruit vibe to the point it comes off vaguely similar to a Simply Lemonade with Blueberry. The dry pull on the j has a muted sweet lemon that ended up being milder than I anticipated. The inhale is smooth, and has a sweet and musty lemon on the joint, where the bong is a much more muted lemon experience.  The exhale is a heavy grungy lemon with a minty pine aftertaste on the joint, where the bong has a lighter lemon quality with that muted pastry cookie undertone, and via either method it ends up tickling the septum just a little bit. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c, I get a slightly cool piney lemon that gives me some muted cleaner vibes, which finishes out by leaving the ghost of a lemon aftertaste on the tongue. At 185c, there’s a minor cooling effect that occurs with a lemony zing on the way in, while the exhale is an overwhelming lemon that has some staying power and rounds out with a paper like finish. The headchange comes on quick, is heavy on the eyes and forehead, and saps me of any sort of motivational momentum that I may have had just moments earlier. It leaves me feeling dough faced and pretty meh and wondering why this experience cost $85. I thought that maybe my disdain for the buzz was partially due to my state of mind at the time so I decided to write up my thoughts, shelf it until it was time for my final write up, and revisit it in earnest. Between that time and now I’ve come across a couple very high ticket batches from other brands that had such poor showings, that in comparison, it’s given me a newfound respect for this Lemonatti. In my original rough draft review that was posted to Patreon, I was much harsher in my final verdict, while now I’ve softened it up to this: While I am still not a fan of the near depression like headchange, the taste and overall quality was fairly superb, but I can’t say those qualities were enough to push me to the point of saying I’d cop it again for $85. There’s just too much good stuff out there for less. Sorry Connected, this was some quality herb, but it just missed the mark for me. 

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