High Jump from 3C Farms

High Jump from 3C Farms on 7/14/2020. THCa tested out to 28.5%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C for making it happen!) This was gifted to me but it goes for $35.50 at 3C’s DTLA shop. High Jump was actually the second 3C strain I smoked with Red Rodriguez back in the Cannabis Cafe era, but we practically cleared the jar that day so I was hella glad to get another one in the rotation for review, although admittedly I let it sit on my shelf much longer than I intended. The surface of these huge buds are a patchwork of olive drab and chartreuse with dark slate blue highlights, ubiquitous yam orange pistils, all of which are enrobed in an impressively thick layer of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet musty funk with a heavy emphasis on that sweet must. Busting open a bud, the sweetness remains but shifts to a much more floral tone, pushing that mustiness to the background. Breaking it down by hand is an easy task as the bud is fluffy and dry, which is mostly on me due to the fact I sat on it so long, but the grinds still come through smelling of a mild sweet floral with a minor citrus tone. The dry pull on the joint is a very delicate sweet floral with a lightly fresh edge, and a very distant hint of fruit, but that particular aspect was hard to pin down as it was inconsistent. The inhale is smooth and comes with a musty semi-sweet floral on the bong, whereas the joint is more of a sweet floral up top with a musty spice underneath, and a chalky twist. The exhale is a musty cream with a muted spice on the bong, where the joint has a very sweet floral taste that rounds out into a flat paper note, accompanied by a very light minty fruit quality. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from GhostVapes at 170c I pick up on a faint fresh floral that leans a little more pine than mint whereas at 185c I get a sweet floral with a touch of a perfume like aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick and puts a haze behind the eyes and absolutely wrecks your ability to stay present. Shortly after smoking a single bowl I found myself spacing out, frequently going on autopilot, but in a way that had a lot of unexpected results. For example, as I got ready for a shower, my mind was completely elsewhere and by the time I’d made my way out of the bathroom I could not for the life of me locate my glasses. After near a half hour of going in circles, dumbfounded that my glasses weren’t in any of my normal spots, I finally found them high on a closet shelf where it really made no sense but on picking them up did have some vague neuromuscular recollection putting them there in the first place. As I battled through the haze, I attempted to get some work done but my motivation was completely shot, so I found myself gritting my teeth to complete the bare minimum for the day and hitting the couch to ride out the rest of the buzz on the couch in a fuzzy stupor. All and all, I think this batch of High Jump held up pretty well for the amount of time I forced it to sit on my shelf, and I’d really like to compare it to a fresher batch if it hits me any different. 3C consistently puts out high quality herb, and it goes for a very fair ticket at their DTLA shop, but as it stands I wasn’t a huge fan of the headchange so if a fresh batch hits the same I probably wouldn’t pick it up again. However, if you’re a fan of that sort of spacey energy sapping effect, this one might be right up your alley.

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