Purp DDV (Purple Double Deja Vu) from Panecea Farm

Purp DDV (Purple Double Deja Vu) from Panecea Farm via OC3 Dispensary on 10/29/2020 (Huge shoutout to awesome folks and Panacea and OC3 for making it happen). THC tested out to 26.39%. This goes for $55 pre-tax but if you pick up an ounce of Panacea you get 25% off at OC3 which should basically wipe out the tax. After a great experience with their lower tier offering, I was absolutely stoked to get my hands on these jars with the fancy wax emblem on top, and having heard praise for Purp DDV in particular I decided to dive into it first. The surface of these two big beautiful Christmas tree shaped nugs are a mix of pear and sea green, with large veins of rich wine purples that dip into darker hues of midnight blue, coupled with clandestine copper pistils that are present but nearly go unnoticed due to the copious amounts of attention stealing canary colored triches that give the budscape as a whole a light golden glow.

The nose out of the jar hits like an overripe sickly sweet fruit, sort of like how a melon will smell right before it goes bad, with a touch freshness in the background. Busting open a bud, a flat sweet pastry emerges up top, but there’s still a fresh “gassiness” right behind it. When breaking it down by hand bits of bud stick to the fingers leaving a sweet fruity must on them, while the grinds also come hard with that sweet fruitiness, the freshness is amped up simultaneously and really attempts to dominate the scent profile resulting in this overall old school waxy fruit candy kind of smell that’s reminiscent of cherry wax lips. A dry pull on the jay has a deep rich fruit that’s hard to pin down, but comes in somewhere between mixed berry and maybe honeydew, but it’s hard to say as it’s all sort of clumped together flavor wise. The inhale is smooth and on the joint comes off as a sweet floral mint whereas the bong is essentially the same but a bit more subtle. The exhale on the bong is a creamy must with a hint of mint pine in the background, whereas the joint really brings out that freshness, with a sweet cool minty quality that temporarily lingers on the tongue. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c, I get a minor cooling effect and a light fresh floral with a hint of fruit, where at 185c I get a stronger cooling effect but the taste is a muddled combo of sweet floral and fruit that’s definitely there but once again hard to pull apart. The headchange comes on quick and has a wonderful anxiety blasting smack that completely obliterates any ill feelings you may have had just prior to smoking it. It seems cliche to say, but in these trying times, this Purp DDV definitely helped me achieve some welcome calm and perspective. Physically, I felt a nice ASMR like tingle from the neck down into the lower spine, and a bit of that classic stoney weightlessness that gives you a general warm fuzzy vibe while you’re just existing. It doesn’t hamper your ability to be present, and doesn’t really interfere with your capacity to think, but there is this carefree aspect that one should be cognizant of as it may cause you to not feel the gravitas of certain subjects. That, admittedly, is part of the reason I really liked it though. All and all I really enjoyed my time with this strain, it puts me in a chill “forget all your worries” mindset with a soothing body buzz to boot, and for the ticket it goes for at OC3 I’d have no problem copping it again (especially with the volume discount in play). Great job on this one Panacea, you guys are definitely putting out some top notch heat and I can’t wait to bust through more of your library, excellent work!

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