Zoap from Wizard Trees

Zoap from Wizard Trees via LA Kush Klinic on 7/17/2021. THC not listed on this batch. Purchased for $70 out the door. On the very same day that I picked up a sample of Jawbreakers from @russianassassinboyz / @losangelestraditional I also put in an order for this batch of Zoap for delivery by LA Kush Klinic. It was my first time using the service and it was awesome. I set the delivery point for across the street from Traditional and was sent an ETA, as the time was approaching I crossed the street and sure enough a car pulled up right at the designated time, I was seriously impressed. In any case, even though I picked this up a while back, all of my notes were done back in July (outside of the vape ones), but I am only getting time now to pull them together into this write up. 

The surface of these semi-portly buds are a mix of aubergine and wine purples coupled with olive green and chartreuse hues, accompanied by ubiquitous apricot orange pistils that wildly wind through the upper most canopy of the nug, all of which is gently obscured by a spate of white and goldenrod triches that give the herb an overall fuzzy look. 

The nose out of the bag is a sweet yet incredibly grungy fruit with an earthy quality and hints of freshness. It’s a bit confusing to be honest, there’s a very unique delicious sort of sweetness but also a gassy quality and this dirty, sort of grimey off putting element which would make you think twice if you smelled it in your food. Busting open a bud, that sweetness widens out and becomes a combo of sugar sweet floral and perfume floral, in addition to the introduction of a vaporous quality that zings the nostril and an overall candy sweetness. Breaking it down by hand the sugar sweet candy quality remains, but the fruit scent from earlier shifts into a more well defined sugary orange with a faint mint underneath, giving the grinds a harmonious orange and sweet floral scent. 

The dry pull on the joint brings a sugar sweet floral and a hint of chalky sweetness with a touch of gas in the background, and maybe a hint of faint citrus, but that note was inconsistent. The inhale on the bong comes with a strong soap like bounce off the tongue which really raised my brow, my notes say “wow, does sort of hit like soap” as I wasn’t expecting that from how it smelled. The joint however is all floral which ranges from strong and perfume like at the start and leaves a semi-sweet floral finish. The exhale on the joint comes with a cacophony of floral citrus zest, sweet candy, a faint hoppiness, all of which is enveloped by this omnipresent vaporous quality. On the bong I get a saccharine fruity cream and chalky sweet floral with a pine forward mint underneath. It really rides a fine line between candy and floral, and yes, even a bit of those soap characteristics shine through. Cross checking the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a sugar sweet mint on the way in, with a pinesol like freshness, and a hint of citrus on the way out. At 185c I get a more muted mint on the inhale whereas on the exhale there’s this muddled minty pine freshness. These vape notes were taken much more recently with the very last bit of Zoap I had, so I’d try to not put too much emphasis on them as the experience most likely would have been different if I’d gotten to it sooner, but it still stands up fairly well given the circumstances. 

The headchange comes on quick, leaves me feeling lost in the sauce, and has some pretty decent staying power to boot. I found myself spacing out hard, even a couple hours after smoking, and in general felt fairly slow witted and sapped of motivation. While the body high was mellow, it did affect me enough to the point that I lacked confidence in my physicality, so I can’t say I’d recommend smoking this before taking on activities that require stellar coordination. In addition, my body got more weighty over time, to the point where the couch really started to look attractive, but not to the point where it made me take a seat exactly. 

All and all Zoap is some unique tasting smoke with long lasting stupefying effects, and while the ticket may be on the higher end, I think it’s worth the cost of admission and trying at least once. This was a great first introduction to the Wizard Trees library, I can understand why they have the rep that they do, this was some quality work and I look forward to checking out more of their strains asap.

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