Jealousy from Flightpath

Jealousy from Flightpath via Inspectorganja562 on 1/2/2022. THC tested out to 31.33%. This was gifted to me but I believe this is supposed to go for somewhere right around $50 out the door. When Inspector Ganja threw down a few bags of FlightPath strains on the table and said take your pick, I decided to roll with this Jealousy as it’s the only one I’d had any previous experience with and I was curious as to how it would compare. 

These taut pointed buds are mostly a deep indigo with chartreuse and emerald green accents, accompanied by tightly coiled fiery orange pistils that seem to struggle to break through the dense surface, all of which is covered in a fairly thick coating of white bird spike like triches. 

The nose out of the bag is a chalky gelato like fruity sweetness with a strong vaporous minty underpinning. Busting open a bud, the fresh mint amps up and brings a mustiness with it that dominates the scent profile near completely, aside from this faint soy sauce like savoriness that is detectable but buried in the menthol of it all. Breaking it down by hand you get a feel for just how incredibly dense these nugs are, it gave me a lot of resistance, and left my fingers smelling of musty mint and a touch of chalky cream. The top note of the grinds has a peppery quality followed immediately by that strong mint and a chalky sweetness along with a distant hint of that fruitiness from earlier. 

The dry pull has a rich sweet fruit with an immediate strong mint follow up to the point it leaves an astringent zing on the tongue. The inhale on the joint comes with a light floral sweetness whereas the bong is a slightly mintier version of the same. The exhale on the joint is a semi sweet chalky floral with a bit of a distant grape lean, whereas the bong has more of an all encompassing musty chalky sweetness. Cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a minor mint pine on the way in and more of a piney floral on the way out, whereas at 185c the mint gets much less pronounced as a standard floral quality fills in the gaps on both the inhale and exhale.

The headchange comes on quickly and smacks with authority. On more than one occasion it took me from a state of high energy and focus to one completely sapped of motivation and losing the thread at every turn. Even with the best intentions of staying on task I felt it near impossible, the want to chase every shiny object put a constant toll on my stamina, and my determination challenged by an ever strengthening feeling of not giving a single fuck about anything. There was a slight physicality to it, a weightiness that ran down through the base of the neck into every limb, but mostly it felt like it was grappling with my cognitive abilities which was mentally draining. I didn’t want to think about anything, I just wanted to sit and stare blankly into the distance and let my mind wander unchecked. I would definitely save this one for some evening smoke when you’ve got nothing to do, no one to interact with, and are ready to just zombie the hell out. Most days I need my brain to work as best it can, but there are those nights where I just need to wipe the slate clean and forget everything I’ve been through, and this batch of Jealousy would be a good companion for those situations. 

All that said, if I were in the market for a day ender type herb I might consider picking this up again, the look and nose are on point but the flavor didn’t exactly translate, and the effect for me in particular has such a specific use case that it would highly depend on the rate I found it at out in the wild. I think $50 out the door is fair. It’s apparent that Flightpath has the chops to put out a pretty darn good rec market product, I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for more of their offerings in stores, solid work Flightpath!

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