Styrofoam Cup from Team Elite Genetics

Styrofoam Cup from Team Elite Genetics via West Clinik on 5/20/2022. THC tested out to 34.62%. Purchased for $55 pre-tax (so $70ish out the door). A few months back I saw @cali_bud_reviews getting a hype wave going on this Styrofoam Cup, and I love riding a hype wave and seeing what’s good, so I headed over to West Clinik and grabbed this jar. 

The surface of these fluffy shrub-like buds appear to be a mix of tea, fern and forest greens at first, but on closer examination, subtle hues of aubergine reveal themselves in abundance as they’re highly obscured from a distance by eye catching formations of heavily consolidated brilliant white triches and rusted twine pistils whipping wildly at the air.

The nose out of the jar is a unique savory stank, I get a bit of a soy sauce vibe along with an acrid sour element, that when taken together does have a chemical sort of smell, so I can see how the name Styrofoam Cup is fitting. Breaking open a bud that soy sauce gets louder as the chemical scent separates and takes on more of a musty quality. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers are left with a surprisingly sweet floral smell with that savory stank in the background, while the grinds themselves are essentially amplified versions of the soy sauce and chemical attributes with the latter leaving a bit of sting in the nostrils. 

The dry pull on the joint comes in with a savoriness that leans peppery and has a light vaporous mint finish. In my notes I put “it’s strange but first thing that comes to mind is this tastes like how the bottom of a well worn leather dress shoe smells” which does, in fact, make sense to me but I am not sure how well that translates for everyone else. In any case, the inhale off the joint has a savory zing, whereas the bong is musty with a light touch of chemical sweetness. The exhale on the joint brings that savory spice even harder, along with a musty cream, whereas the bong has those same qualities, a very musty savory cream, but it’s stacked tighter together in the profile and there’s a light salty after taste. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, I get a fairly powerful sour pine with a fresh finish that leaves a bit of that chemical taste in your mouth for a few minutes after. 

The headchange came on fairly quick and was pretty mellow. I found myself spacing out a bit and having a lot of those “what was I just doing?” sort of moments. My head felt slightly heavy, there was a touch of weight behind the eyes, and had a minor dissociative effect where my body felt loose and limber and not all together “at the ready”. I felt very sedated but not sleepy exactly. It feels like the type of herb that’s good for an evening in, watching a movie, or catching up on one of your favorite shows. 

Overall this was some well grown, beautiful looking, unique smelling/tasting herb with the only quality I was underwhelmed by being semi-lackluster effect. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really enjoyable, but I feel like it’s not stand out enough for me to double dip on, especially at the regular West Clinik ticket. That said, I think if you’re into novel savory flavors in your herb, and can find it at a ticket you’re comfortable with, I’d say you should give it a try.  

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