Pika Blu Chew from Babybuckettt and 12 Alarm Fire (Ted’s Budz)

Pika Blu Chew from Babybuckettt and 12 Alarm Fire (distro’d by Ted’s Budz) via @buttersantaana on 3/12/2023. Huge shout out to The Highly Rated Show and skeemxcream7 for making it happen. THC tested out to 35%. Purchased for $65 out the door with the 20% happy hour discount.  Back in March skeemxcream7 put this batch of Pika Blu Chew on my radar and told me if I could find a bag he’d handle the expense of the review. Never one to turn down a generous offer, I jumped on it and located a bag at Butter Santa Ana. 

I’ll start with pretty much the only bad news about this batch: the contents of this bag were essentially popcorn mixed with a couple of small buds. Not a great showing for a mylar that runs about $80 retail. The surface of these bitsy buds were a patchwork of deep indigo coupled with kelly and fern greens, sporadic petite arcs of copper brown pistils, and salted over heavily with white and muted egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the bag was very gelato-like up top. It presented as a sweet cream with a fruity lean that was hard to put my finger on, but it landed somewhere on a venn diagram between mango, peach and even pineapple, with a sort of waxy quality kicking around as well.  Busting open one of the largest buds I could find, I noted a burst of freshness, as well as the sweetness amping up in a particularly table sugar-esque way, pushing that fruit to the background slightly. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers were left with a sharp sweet freshness with a chalky finish, while the grinds themselves were a cacophony of sweet piney-mint and sweet fruit. The richness of the fruit played off of the brisk fresh aspect, and when taken all together, resulted in an overall beautiful candy like scent.

The dry pull on the joint came with a necco wafer-like chalky sweetness with that fresh quality fleshing out the background, and just a hint of fruitiness underneath. The inhale on the joint was sugar sweet from moment one, whereas the bong was much more nondescript. It was essentially just musty, although occasionally there would be a faint “wasabi” like bite, but it wasn’t consistent. The exhale on the bong was also lacking definition, there’s a mustiness that leaves a slight freshness on the tongue, but that too is inconsistent. The exhale on the joint also comes with a mustiness, albeit a more robust one, that also has a faint fruit quality hanging out in the wings. My GhostVapes MV1 is still out of commission for the time being but my guess would be that this would read heavy on the pine at low temps. 

The real prize of this strain is the headchange. Even one small bowl will leave you fairly smacked. Physically, there was an overall mild heavy feeling when it came to my limbs, and that seemed to increase slightly over time. Mentally, I kept losing the thread and making dumb mistakes here and there. I went to pack another bowl when there was already one packed. I went to check the mail and got a package, which was enough of a distraction to cause me to leave my PO Box keys hanging out of my mailbox as I went back to my apartment completely unaware. Luckily I realized what I’d done shortly thereafter and managed to recover the keys. When I was smoking the joint and taking notes, I had a few moments where I absolutely forgot that was my goal and just got lost in my phone. This one definitely threw me for a loop and ended up being a real mind eraser, but it also had a DGAF quality that allowed me to not care and just enjoy the ride. 

In the end, I have some really conflicting feelings about my experience with this bag. I admit when I first smelled it, I figured it was just another gelato in a cool mylar, but the effect really won me over here. Even though it absolutely sucks to get a high ticket bag with popcorn, and the smoke experience itself was not anything to write home about, but this batch of Pika Blu Chew absolutely smashed me in a way that was so enjoyable I went to grab another bag, and was hella bummed that by the time I tried, Butter had completely sold out. I would definitely pick this one up again if I could find it for $60ish as I did the first time, but at the $80+ it would have me thinking twice, especially knowing I might be taking a gamble on getting another bag of popcorn. Great shit though BabyBuckettt, would love to try out some “bigs” and see if the effect/smoke is even better, keep up the solid work. 


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