Sour Watermelon Refined Diamonds By Raw Garden

So I’m obviously not a solventless only dabber as I do like me some Bho/solvent based concentrates. I enjoy them for a few reasons. Certain strains don’t wash well so will never be available in solventless form. I also feel the diamonds get me higher than rosin and the same as melt. Badders are stronger than rosin but seem slightly weaker than melt. Hard to really compare without the same plant being concentrated to all forms but that’s my anecdotal experience. Now that I got that out of the way this one particular was a little disappointing. It looked beautiful with big Thc-a chunks in a light colored bath of terps.

So pretty! 😍

I don’t break up my diamonds I look for the biggest one and hit it for that blasting effect. This one was no different was a nice elevated high great for daytime fun and creativity. The problem with this one was the taste. There was none! No sour no sweetness no fruit no water almost cucumber terps I’m used to with watermelon strains. One thing I’ve noticed with these refined diamonds is the terps are very similar and even though my last one was better and had some unique terps there was still way too much in common with this one. When I spoke to Raw garden they said that there are no added ingredients or non cannabis derived terpenes. Also not ran through Crc equipment but somehow they remove all “impurities” with some kind proprietary tech that I couldn’t get any specifics about. All in all I will try more of these because even though they don’t have the best taste it’s never been a bad taste or a harsh dab and always super stoney at a reasonable rate of $55 a gram on avg.

Chem 91 Skunk Va Jungle Boys

This one had a lot of hype behind it and did not disappoint. The appearance is a nice lime green with big grouping of orange hairs sprouting out everywhere. Healthy covering of trichomes and a wonderful trim job that rounds out these beautiful nugs.

The smell on this was surprisingly pleasant with expected gas notes but also combined with sweetness and nuttiness that really made it a pleasurable experience. The high on this was really strong but kinda catches you off guard first because it doesn’t have that heavy gas smell but also because it seems to come on slower than I’m used to. All in all this flower covers all the bases for some really enjoyable flowers as a reasonable price of 49 an eighth for medical or 64 recreational at Jungle Boys Oc location.

Garlic Cocktail By The Real Cannabis Chris

I love Mimosa and I’ve really enjoyed the sweet and savory crosses of #gmo and fruity strains that have been popping up. This one is probably my favorite with the mimosa being the dominant flavor provider and the Gmo putting an amazing funky spin on it. Ends up tasting like a savory 50/50 bar and although that may not sound appealing once I tasted it I instantly loved it! The smell is crazy too with all the orange creme and crazy Gmo stink oh man! The melt is slightly darker in appearance than some of his others but still super clean with no sign of contamination and melted perfectly.

The high was a perfect high to chill out and play some music or socialize as it was very euphoric and uplifting and allowed me to play music creatively and without anxiety anticipation of timing. Definitely a strain I want more of and need to try the flowers of. As for the #therealcannabischris brand I will definitely be buying more of his terps they’re hands down some of my favorites out there right now.

Garanimals By Cannabis Chris Full Melt

Love the artwork here! Most comments I’ve ever had on the hash labels

Another special one from the man himself Cannabis Chris. On a seemingly run of the mill strain I began hearing rumors of some unique terps and quite the punch it packs. So as always his melt looks fantastic and flags up quite nicely. The smell on this sweet and fruity with a fresh doughnut smell lingering in there.


The taste was awesome as it basically tasted like a grape doughnut. And really shocked me because garanimals always came off as a blander wedding cake for me. Knowing it was crossed with grape pie this was always confusing. The high packs a nice euphoric punch that leaves you easily getting couch locked and losing track of time. My best advice is do not get sidetracked to the bed or the couch or whatever plans you had are gone. This is another prime example of why most of what I’m purchasing right now comes from this brand. The price is steep on this when you consider it’s a daily medicine averaging at about $90 a gram but when you consider it’s competitors in that market and their prices and quality this is priced more than fairly.

Super Kushmints By Lionboldt Farms. (Hippy Cut)

Nice fancy hype packaging

So of all the flavors I was able to get by Lionboldt Farms this one was my favorite. The flavor profile was all gas and was rough on your throat in that good this shit is fire way. With that burning rubber gas terps and slightly minty spice on the exhale. Still slightly bitter as the cure wasn’t 100% on this one either but I don’t want to obsess. The look of this flower was almost as intimidating as the rumors of the powerful high that comes along with it. A combo of dark purple almost black pedals and a nice forest green pedals. With sparatic orange hairs popping everywhere. Nice propperly dense nugs not overdone and well trimmed with a healthy amount of frost to get you excited to smoke.

The high on this was absolutely fantastic. Nothing unique or different just strong as fuck and smacks you in the face. This strain is the reason I would like to catch some other flavors at a different batch. The price on this $70 an 1/8 all the way up. For black market flowers where no taxes or licensing fees are being paid there’s a lot of profit in there so that’s why I am judging this brand to hard. At prices well over Doha’s Rs11 I expect that same quality or better. This one almost hit that mark.

Spiked Mai Tai from Jungle Boys

So this one was a bit disappointing for me because I was really excited by the cross but was really let down by the flavor. The appearance is great but if anything a little boring as being a nice lime green with a little bit of orange hairs sprouting out here and there. But it does have a nice coating of frost to make up for the lack up contrasting colors that i normally love to see.
The smoke was clean and smooth and burned perfectly. The high was relatively strong and had a relaxing chill vibe to it. Definitely good late afternoon smoke for me as I want to wind down and relax. The taste and smell is where it really let me down. It was as if the 2 strains combined and muted each other out because it was very generic with none of the hints orange or fruit undertone from the Mai Thai or gassy earthiness of Jungle Cake. At $50 an eighth I’m ok with this miss but wouldn’t grab again unless I heard the next batch had a better terp profile and was much louder coming out of the bag.