Mendo breath (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty

Mendo breath (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty received on 10/3/19. Normally $20 for 4 grams. I was lucky enough to be gifted this sample of this Mendo Breath after liking a pic of it on Affordable Four Twenty’s instagram page. The nugs are large and lanky with a surface that rapidly transitions from light to dark green, even dipping into deep purples on occasion with long burnt orange pistils bursting forth from nearly every crevice, all frosted over with a healthy layer of triches.

The nose out of the jar was initially confusing but as it cured it settled into an earthy scent with a touch of mint in the background. On the nug break the mint really steps to the foreground while bringing a savory scent with it that’s slightly reminiscent of sautéed onions. Breaking it down by hand reveals an even deeper level of scents. A previously undetected sweetness makes itself known and I pick up on an equally strong presence of pine and mint. It also leaves a nice stickiness on the fingers. The inhale is smooth and I pick up on a faint floral taste, while on exhale I get a minty yet savory experience. The headchange comes on quick and heavy. I found myself completely zoned out, fumbling for words on occasion, and feeling couchlocked with in a few minutes after finishing back to back bowls. I must have thought about getting up to get some water for a solid 5 minutes before I actually did. You can focus and get things done if you really need to but it’s a motivation sapper without a doubt. I’d save this one for the end of the day when you’re ready to just put on some random youtube videos and space out. For the ticket this is an absolutely phenomenal deal. Great work once again Affordable Four Twenty! You’re definitely putting out some solid herb and doing right by your name.

Wedding Cake (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty

Wedding Cake (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty received on 8/14/19. It retails for $40 a quarter, $70 a half ounce or $125 a full. If you like what you see here or on my Purple Punch post then you can find Affordable Four Twenty tonight (8/20) at @loveseshh in Santa Ana. This is definitely another bargain banger! The nose on this comes off as an extremely pungent floral with some gas notes in the background. While these buds aren’t as dense as the Purple Punch they are just as sticky if not more so. Every time I touched a bud or tore it to pack a bowl it left behind a nice residue on the fingers to remember it by. The nugs are an even army green with dark brownish red pistils and a generous coating of triches.

The inhale is smooth and I catch some notes of fuel on the exhale. The headchange has a nice little smack up top and and slowly starts to make its way from the top of your brain to the back of your eyes. Eventually it gives you that heavy feeling that makes you want to tip your head back and rest. You’ll have the ability to maintain focus if needed and won’t get too spacey, but it’s heavy enough that you’ll want to avoid being too physical, and could put you to bed entirely if it’s nearing that time of night. Definitely a good batch to take to the beach and chill if you’re the type to hang on the sand and listen to music. This is a quality buy for the ticket, there’s no recreational spot that can match this quality at that check, and when you’re on a budget herb like this is an absolute miracle. if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck stop by Affordable Four Twenty’s table tonight at Love Sesh. You’ll definitely find something you like for a ticket you can’t refuse! Great work once again Affordable Four Twenty!

Purple Punch (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty

Purple Punch (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty received on 8/14/19. It retails for $40 a quarter, $70 a half ounce or $125 a full. When I first started this page, my initial mission was fairly simplistic, I wanted to help people in So Cal find the best weed they could at the best price. In the spirit of that I’m stoked to write up this Purple Punch from Affordable Four Twenty. The nose leaps out of the jar as soon as you unscrew the lid. It’s this really intense fruity sweetness mixed with hints of pine and must. On the finger grind the sweetness kicks up a notch and is really reminiscent of a grape chewing gum like big league chew. The buds are extremely dense and sticky and definitely give you that finger hashy feeling after handling it. The surface of the nug changes from light to dark green and is absolutely blasted in triches all the way to the core. Dark brown hairs make their appearance occasionally but are few and far between and remain obscured by the generous amounts of frost.

The inhale is smooth and on the exhale I definitely catch notes of that grape-like sweetness. The headchange is a bit of a creeper, it comes on with a racy edge at first but then settles in behind your eyes until it sinks into the rest of your body. I don’t exactly feel couchlocked but I’m definitely not motivated to do much other than veg out and watch TV. I’d save this one for the end of a long day as it’ll gently lift you into a relaxed state until you’re ready to put your head to bed. I really can’t say how impressed I am with the quality of this herb at it’s particular ticket, it really is the definition of the most bang for your buck, and demonstrates how aptly named Affordable Four Twenty is because it’s exactly that. If you can make it out to @loveseshh stop by their table and see for yourself, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in what they have on offer. Excellent work to the team at Affordable Four Twenty!