Mendo breath (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty

Mendo breath (sample) from Affordable Four Twenty received on 10/3/19. Normally $20 for 4 grams. I was lucky enough to be gifted this sample of this Mendo Breath after liking a pic of it on Affordable Four Twenty’s instagram page. The nugs are large and lanky with a surface that rapidly transitions from light to dark green, even dipping into deep purples on occasion with long burnt orange pistils bursting forth from nearly every crevice, all frosted over with a healthy layer of triches.

The nose out of the jar was initially confusing but as it cured it settled into an earthy scent with a touch of mint in the background. On the nug break the mint really steps to the foreground while bringing a savory scent with it that’s slightly reminiscent of sautéed onions. Breaking it down by hand reveals an even deeper level of scents. A previously undetected sweetness makes itself known and I pick up on an equally strong presence of pine and mint. It also leaves a nice stickiness on the fingers. The inhale is smooth and I pick up on a faint floral taste, while on exhale I get a minty yet savory experience. The headchange comes on quick and heavy. I found myself completely zoned out, fumbling for words on occasion, and feeling couchlocked with in a few minutes after finishing back to back bowls. I must have thought about getting up to get some water for a solid 5 minutes before I actually did. You can focus and get things done if you really need to but it’s a motivation sapper without a doubt. I’d save this one for the end of the day when you’re ready to just put on some random youtube videos and space out. For the ticket this is an absolutely phenomenal deal. Great work once again Affordable Four Twenty! You’re definitely putting out some solid herb and doing right by your name.

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