Strawberry Lemonade from Cannabiotix

Strawberry Lemonade from Cannabiotix via The Spot in Fountain Valley (RIP) on 10/22/2020 (Huge shoutout to Blake at The Spot for making it happen!). THC tested out to 27.96%. This was gifted to me by the Spot in Fountain Valley which has since closed. It also looks like they don’t have an CBX on the menu currently at their Santa Ana shop but I remember it being fairly pricey. Honestly I’d stick to Catalyst for CBX as it seems like they still have the cheapest tickets. Being a sativa head, and only having ran through CBX’s heavier strains so far, I was hella stoked to see that this Strawberry Lemonade was in a part of my sample pack from The Spot. The surface of these big light fluffy buds are a mix of forest, fern and pear greens, with bunches of gangly light brown sugar colored pistils shooting across the budscape looking like hastily hung streamers in prep for a surprise birthday party, all frosted over by a multitude of hooked and spiky egg cream colored triches.

The nose out the jar is a subtle must, accompanied by a fruity sweetness that strikes me with a strawberry banana vibe, or even something akin to that of an overripe melon. Busting open a bud that fruity sweetness really kicks it up a notch, it hits sort of like a Mamba or a Now and Later, and has a notable citrus twist that dissipates quickly afterward. Breaking it down by hand, the grinds get even more intensely sweet and it really does smell like a strawberry lemonade at first, but it fluctuates and quickly flips back into Mamba territory while leaving a bit of a stick on the fingertips. The dry pull on the J comes off like a fruity sweet floral with a distant hint of chalk and a little bit of a vaporous undertone. The inhale is smooth and on the bong is very fruity with a well defined lick of strawberry, while on the joint it’s a chalky sugary sweet, with a fruity kick off the tongue and a gassy twist. The exhale on the joint is a fruity sweet floral where on the bong it’s more of a musty semi-sweet floral. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes (RIP) MV1, at 170c its a very piney floral with a mint backing, whereas at 185c the floral intensifies but it still has a semi sweet piney side as well. The headchange on this is absolutely fantastic and checks all the boxes for me as a sativa fan. Within minutes on a wake and bake walk I noticed my energy was up and my mood was boosted, and even though I smoked through the joint faster than I expected, I was feeling awesome and decided to try to put that many more steps on my pedometer. I found myself clear headed and full of mental energy, happily crushing tasks I’d put off in the days before, and thoroughly relished in the sense of accomplishment I’d get when crossing something off my list. It felt almost like being a movie montage where Ludacris’ Money Maker plays in the background as the protagonist is just killing it at whatever is they are doing, high fiving their coworkers, and throwing stacks of cash around etc. Real TCOB shit. In a rec market full of heavy hybrids and indicas, this was a welcome breath of fresh air, and I started leaning on it as my daily driver in the morning until it was gone. I really enjoyed my time with this Strawberry Lemonade, it’s a fantastic sativa and I can for sure see myself picking it up again, especially if I can find it for around $50-$55 out the door. Solid work once again CBX, you guys are definitely putting out some high quality herb, and I can’t wait to get more of your library in the line up!

Cereal Milk from Cannabiotix

Cereal Milk from Cannabiotix via The Spot Fountain Valley on 10/22/2020 (Huge shoutout to Jake and Blake at The Spot for making it happen!). THC tested out to 33.01%. This was gifted to me by The Spot but it goes for $75 pre-tax on their menu but that’s about par for the course for the Brand. CBX has quickly gained a reputation over the past year for putting out some solid heat, but time and time again various people have been telling me Cereal Milk is THE one to try, so I was stoked to see it in my care package from The Spot . These surprisingly dense buds are a mix of emerald and asparagus greens, tight sporadic pops of ginger orange pistils, and a fairly thick layer of snow white triches that are so abundant at points they look like snow drifts contrasted against a wintery forest landscape.

The nose out of the jar is a musty spice with a semi-sweet cream in the background. Busting open a bud that cream shoots to the foreground and amps up that sugar sweetness, totally blasting out any semblance of must, and smells very similar to MAC but without that familiar berry component. Breaking it down by hand I really get the sense for its density. It leaves a minty heavy cream and a nice stick on the fingertips, where the grinds themselves hit super sugary sweet, to the point where my notes say “if someone made a sugar flavored starburst, this is probably how it would smell”. It also has this vaporous quality to it but it too is extremely sweet. When trying to sort through the scents I felt like I was experiencing olfactory hallucinations as I kept catching whiffs of “fruit” but they’d quickly be overwhelmed by straight sugar. The dry pull on the joint matched up with that experience perfectly, it was pure sugar with just a touch of cream and a hint of freshness, and I might even go so far as to describe it as sugary gas. The inhale is smooth and on the joint comes with a floral spice and a minty twist whereas the bong is more of a generic semi-sweet floral. The exhale on the joint is a sweet cream with extra sugar and a hint of spice, whereas the bong is a flatter more musty cream with a spicy backend, but it’s not nearly as well defined or flavorful. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c, I get a generally fresh mint pine floral that leaves a minor aftertaste on the tongue, as where at 185c it’s more of a heavy sweet floral with a perfume edge. The initial headchange comes on quick and has a feel good yet very spacey and forgetful buzz. On multiple occasions I’d be having a great time handling whatever task I was working on at the time, only to come to a point where I’d completely lose track of what I was just doing, and have to take a few moments think it out and hopefully remember so I could pick back up where I left off. At the start of my joint walk I felt lighter and there was a slight pep in my step, but over time I started to feel a weight settle into my body as well a slight headband effect, which was followed by a huge deep-breath-taking sense of relief. I’m sure the fact that it was Friday also helped, but there’s no doubt I found myself sighing in a satisfied way several times, glad that my work week was behind me and the weekend was just around the corner. Overall I really enjoyed my time with this batch of Cereal Milk, while it’s far too heavy for a wake and bake on days you hope to be productive, it’s a solid strain to end the day or kick off your weekend with and get your head in the right frame of mind. I can definitely see myself picking it up again, and while $75 pre-tax is more than I’d personally pay, it’s well within the proper bracket for its quality when compared against other menus out there. Excellent stuff CBX, you guys are definitely putting out some top quality for the rec market, keep up the great work!

Kush Mountains from Cannabiotix

Kush Mountains from Cannabiotix via Catalyst Santa Ana on 7/24/2020. THC tested out to 30.88%. Purchased for $64 out the door. Over the whole of 2020 Cannabiotix has been taking the rec market by storm here in SoCal, and having heard great things about Kush Mountains in particular, I decided to jump in when given the opportunity. These bulbous bushy buds are a varied mix of chartreuse coupled with lime and forest greens, rich sunset orange pistils, and a mighty masking of white and cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a strong blend of a musty woody earthy pine. On busting open a nug, the fresh mint pine dominates the profile, and brings to mind memories of walking through the Arrowhead Woods on a crisp fall morning. When breaking it down by hand you get a sense for the surprising density at work despite the fluffy look. It leaves a sticky sweet mint pine on the fingers, and while the grinds share that quality in spades, there’s a muted savory edge slicing through that’s vaguely similar to soy sauce. The dry pull on the joint is a sugar sweet mint with a touch of floral on the back end. The inhale is smooth, and on the joint is also a sugar sweet mint with a floral lean, as where on the bong it’s a very cool floral with a lighter sweetness on the backside. The exhale of the joint is a sweet floral mint, whereas the bong is essentially the same, although less sweet and with a small bite of woodsy spice. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c I get an extremely chilly sensation on the tongue and a strong piney mint floral exhale, where at 185c the floral takes the lead and pushes the freshness back some but it’s still very much present. The headchange is the real prize on this one as it’s near one hitter quitter status. The first time I smoked a bowl, I kicked back for a while and enjoyed the feel good nature of the buzz, then decided to pack another one only to discover I’d only taken one hit and a majority of the bowl was still unburnt. It was definitely of those stoner moments of reckoning where you stop and declare aloud “Damn, this shit IS pretty good” to no one in particular. A word of caution, if you have anything tedious at all on your to do list, I’d avoid smoking this strain as it comes with a heavy dose of the “don’t give a fucks” and you will assuredly talk yourself out of completing any task you’re not looking forward to doing. Physically I find myself hazy eyed, while feeling a good amount of pressure in the center of my forehead which then makes its way down my spine and into my upper back, where it ends in a minor ASMR like tingle. It’s perfect for those times when you need to wipe your mind of the leftover anxiety from a hard day, or on the lighter side, just don’t have a lot to do and want to get hella baked and see where the day takes you. It’s great herb that’s clearly well grown and has a pretty steep ticket to match. I’d say it’s worth copping at least once to see how you feel about the smack as it’s truly unique, but when it comes to putting out another $64, it would really depend on what else was on the menu as there’s a lot of similar caliber herb available for the same price if not for less. If this were $55 or less out the door it’d be a no brainer. Great work though CBX, your expertise is apparent in your final, and I’m definitely interested in getting into more of your library.