Strawberry Lemonade from Cannabiotix

Strawberry Lemonade from Cannabiotix via The Spot in Fountain Valley (RIP) on 10/22/2020 (Huge shoutout to Blake at The Spot for making it happen!). THC tested out to 27.96%. This was gifted to me by the Spot in Fountain Valley which has since closed. It also looks like they don’t have an CBX on the menu currently at their Santa Ana shop but I remember it being fairly pricey. Honestly I’d stick to Catalyst for CBX as it seems like they still have the cheapest tickets. Being a sativa head, and only having ran through CBX’s heavier strains so far, I was hella stoked to see that this Strawberry Lemonade was in a part of my sample pack from The Spot. The surface of these big light fluffy buds are a mix of forest, fern and pear greens, with bunches of gangly light brown sugar colored pistils shooting across the budscape looking like hastily hung streamers in prep for a surprise birthday party, all frosted over by a multitude of hooked and spiky egg cream colored triches.

The nose out the jar is a subtle must, accompanied by a fruity sweetness that strikes me with a strawberry banana vibe, or even something akin to that of an overripe melon. Busting open a bud that fruity sweetness really kicks it up a notch, it hits sort of like a Mamba or a Now and Later, and has a notable citrus twist that dissipates quickly afterward. Breaking it down by hand, the grinds get even more intensely sweet and it really does smell like a strawberry lemonade at first, but it fluctuates and quickly flips back into Mamba territory while leaving a bit of a stick on the fingertips. The dry pull on the J comes off like a fruity sweet floral with a distant hint of chalk and a little bit of a vaporous undertone. The inhale is smooth and on the bong is very fruity with a well defined lick of strawberry, while on the joint it’s a chalky sugary sweet, with a fruity kick off the tongue and a gassy twist. The exhale on the joint is a fruity sweet floral where on the bong it’s more of a musty semi-sweet floral. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes (RIP) MV1, at 170c its a very piney floral with a mint backing, whereas at 185c the floral intensifies but it still has a semi sweet piney side as well. The headchange on this is absolutely fantastic and checks all the boxes for me as a sativa fan. Within minutes on a wake and bake walk I noticed my energy was up and my mood was boosted, and even though I smoked through the joint faster than I expected, I was feeling awesome and decided to try to put that many more steps on my pedometer. I found myself clear headed and full of mental energy, happily crushing tasks I’d put off in the days before, and thoroughly relished in the sense of accomplishment I’d get when crossing something off my list. It felt almost like being a movie montage where Ludacris’ Money Maker plays in the background as the protagonist is just killing it at whatever is they are doing, high fiving their coworkers, and throwing stacks of cash around etc. Real TCOB shit. In a rec market full of heavy hybrids and indicas, this was a welcome breath of fresh air, and I started leaning on it as my daily driver in the morning until it was gone. I really enjoyed my time with this Strawberry Lemonade, it’s a fantastic sativa and I can for sure see myself picking it up again, especially if I can find it for around $50-$55 out the door. Solid work once again CBX, you guys are definitely putting out some high quality herb, and I can’t wait to get more of your library in the line up!

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